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  1. The mistake most people do is to connect the throttle and boost lever. This was only introduced for ease of use during combat at high altitude. Normally you should never do that. And you should never advance the boost beyond the throttle. My advise for people with 2 axis available is to bind throttle and boost, not the prop in this bird. Then climb is easy: 1. From the ground upwards, the boost stays off, only fly with throttle. 2. at about 5-7k feet, your MP will drop below what you want, and you introduce boost. 3. Continue giving more boost as MP drops while climbing. At this point the boost lever is your throttle! 4. Somewhere around 30k feet (can't remember the number) you cannot boost more, or you will overspeed the turbo (light comes on) Now start gradually reducing boost, just enough to keep the light off. I was able to reach about 40k feet quite easily doing that. At that point i could not introduce more power. I am sure more will be available with WI, but thats not for cruising anyways. Hope that helps. :)
  2. Currently the trim is too sensitive. This is a manual trim, so not limited by f.e. electric motor performance, like in some planes. Yet, we mostly use digital commands for trim in this sim (like the trim hat on the WH TM). Please consider reducing the gain on the trim. Tank you
  3. Can confirm. I did try take off at Senaki, fly over Sochi and return at about 20-25k feet. I think thats about max you can get right now. It uses way too much oxygen.
  4. I just realised that the HSI and HSD are not showing the correct waypoint location. I was on a test mission in Nevada and saw a missalignement. Basically the WP location is shifted right by 13 degrees, which is the magnetic variation at Nevada (roughly). This should not be the case. All instruments should show the WP relative to the aircraft and only the Heading tape should shift with mag var. In case of FCR and HSD there is no tape, but they behave the same way. I'll add some screenshots. First WP was at Creech AFB Tacan, second on the gunrange north of Las Vegas. Note that the HUD behaves correctly and points me to the WP.
  5. I'll post my reply from discord here. old bug: Thats because the Hornet drops GBUs on AUTO at the very edge of the envelope. Always has been like that. For safe track, drop short. How? Easy! Once you are about 15s from target, switch from AUTO to CCIP on stores page and just drop it. About 10s short works well.
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