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  1. Reverb G2 is a great experience. I especially like how there is a little white dot bound to your viewpoint. Simply by looking at a control, its description pops up. However, to activate the swithc/dial you are looking at, you have to click the mouse. That means removing your hands from the HOTAS and blindly feeling around for the rodent. It would be nice if I could bind a mouse click to one of the buttons on my VKB flight stick or even the thrustmaster T16000. But the software for these controllers is so ponderous. Is there a small piece of software that allows me to bind a mouse c
  2. No I have two separate installations. Dcs open beta from eagle dynamics is on one drive and another dcs resides in the steam folder on another drive.
  3. A while ago, I transferred my DCS from the steam version to the Eagle Dynamics version. Recently tho I got a VR headset and I thought it would be easier to just use steamVR. Unfortunately, when I start DCS, it says 'update required' in steam and it starts to update but immediately pauses. Is this by design?
  4. Is there a way to do this? Since mfd and other aircraft data (as well as controls) can be exported, is there a way to have a ‘server’ running on the game pc that fetches real time data from the game and presents it to the iPad? I realize this is not realistic, but the little map on the left mfd is made for young eyes. Plus, it’s nice to have data on enemy positions on a map (for those of us who can’t spot a shilka from 5 AGL
  5. Dlss requires the game to support. Resolution scaling as done by AMD is independent of game and implemented entirely at the driver level
  6. I was just about to order the odyssey cushion for improved FOV until I happened here. Since I ordered the prescription lenses for vr optician I think I'll wait. I was also reading about how to improve frame rate. It seems Radeon has a feature similar to DLSS https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/sapphire-trixx-boost-scaling-for-other-amd-cards.267475/ Although Sapphire has made this easy to use through a separate piece of software called Trixx boost It is available on all AMD cards. It works because rendering the actual res on t
  7. not mentioned in this thread is open XR. According to VR flight sim guy, it works wonders for msfs and the G2. I I wonder if it also makes dcs better for those with a G2.
  8. Voice Attack and VAICOM pro purchased and properly installed. I use easy communications since I am a noob. Voice Attack is hearing and recognizing me as seen in this screen capture of the voice attack console: (voiceattack.png image below) https://ibb.co/CBW4v65 The voice attack profile shows I have bound button 3 of joystick1 as theTX4(VAPTT.png image below) https://ibb.co/HGCyTBJ You can see that I disabled the other nodes by unchecking the tickbox in the options page of the specific buttons(VAoptions.png image below) https://ibb.co/YBmZGQL VAICOM (or VA) s
  9. Is the headset mic adequate? or do you add a boom mic to your headset??
  10. well, i did a lot of training but then did not click the finish button. It said I still had 416 unresolved aliases. So I guess to make the training 'stick' I have to 'Finish', even if I did not add any new words. I am thinking about adding words to control the OSB buttons in the A10.
  11. I noticed SkipperSMG only listed the first part of keyword training 1. Opening the VAICOM config window 2. Selecting the Editor tab 3. Clicking on the microphone so it gets a yellow border 4. When the Microsoft speech recognition window appears making sure the Microphone button is coloured blue and it says listening (if it says Sleeping click on the microphone button and (Windows speech and not VAICOM) 5. Speaking the VAICOM phrase(s) you want to train But then the next steps confuse me as well. 6) hit the 'finish' button 7) read the dialog that pops up [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"no
  12. just spent half an hour talking at my pc. I am already past the 'H's The next thing to say in the box is 'in from the East' I say it and instead of the VA console giving me a 90% or whatever, I get the 'alternates' dialog from Windows popping up and the first item on the list is 'In from the East' If I click on that, it inserts the phrase into the VA box so now the phrase is present twice. Didnt know what to do so I just deleted the duplicate phrase from the command phrase box . I tried the 'test' button and to my surprise it still says 416 aliases missing. Is all my work for wasted? Or is it
  13. when i try to say 'copy' for the keyword 'copy' then no beep is heard. Rather the word 'copying' appears in MS recognition window. Solution? The word 'criqueville' always comes up 'cretteville' and both are in the dictionary. Please advise.
  14. thank you. Is there any way to check how much training is done and which words need to be repeated also due to poor quality recognition? The buttons 'reload' and 'finish' are highlighted in yellow, btw.
  15. So I installed voice attack, and then vaicom pro. I went to the editor and started training keywords. All was going pretty well (except it didnt like to recognize the word 'thousand') any I kept going. After a while I needed a break. I hit 'finish', a dialog box came up telling me to do something. I dismissed it. Now I have an error in the voice attack console: 416 missing aliases How do I fix this? In vaicom pro, in the editor tab , the command phrase box is empty.
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