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  1. you need laser arm and master arm on for laser code change
  2. if slam should %100 accurate with gps ins, why weapon company put on a camera and datalink? i am asking to myself :) i think in dcs that datalink performance for long range is too bad. i dont know how that link performing real life
  3. first maverick slewing- locking normally and fov-raid function working well but after launch second maverick's fov-raid doesnt working. and seeker locking randomly objects without zoom. track attached case1.trk
  4. yes chimney 5 to 0 solved the problem. i m using gtx 970 with latest driver. not using any mods
  5. please check my video. i have no mods and my graph settings and version info attached
  6. i had some modes but i deleted and tried again it is still same. maybe that is some kind of simulation for heat effect on flir screens because screen turning normal after 15-20 seconds from bomb explotion. i can record a video on youtube and share link if you need.
  7. i dont know that one reported ornot but when i dropped a bomb and hit target, my flir page turning completely black or white(depends which mode active) for too long. tv mode working fine. you will see on track flir bug.trk
  8. i think its related with redfor gps issues on buddyspike server red side. Can you check your ins gps systems working properly next time? i have same issue and i understand what is your problem
  9. i kicked 104 server today for high ping reason. i fix my ping and try connect to server.i get this error message. anybody know how can i fix this?
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