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  1. Hey guys, beside all already named functions to bind to our expensive Hotas sets ;-) I ran into another problem in this category: I use Grizlies Warthog profile for the Warthog in T.A.R.G.E.T. This allows me to use the warthog bindings in all states (forward, back and center). This works in all planes except the JF17. I cannot bind any controls to my virtual device (which is in fact my throttle running through target) They are simply all blacked out. Could you please open al bindings and axis for the virtual device?
  2. Awsome, thanks for the quick response guys. 1 more question @rudel: where did you find that info on the cc's nav suite? I couldnt find it. Apreciated!
  3. Hey Guys, Just got this jet and i love the attention to the small details, like the Generator and connection actually showing up, the ladders, the helmets next to then, the map in the mapbox, etc. I have two things i cant figure out though: 1 is with the aircraft: While diving my 'Tran' (i understand it means gear) caution sometimes lights up. cancelling the caution does not cancel the audio warning. Why is this alarm going of and how do i avoid it? (gear is up) 2. What do i name the kneeboard folder? (or is this not yet a feature) I tried c-101 and c101cc but cant seem to create c
  4. I understand this, if you use a wheel as axis, I use the slider on my warthog and might as well assign it to a button since it has the same effect now. Since not everyone has an actual fa18 hotas or a scroll wheel (for which it would make more sense) it would be nice if both would be an option. Referring to the real hornet doesn't realy help if you don't have the actual stick and throttle.
  5. Daar devs, Despite the latest release notes claiming this campaign is fixed, i stil experience this problem. Hope you can fix this Regards
  6. At the start of this mission the flight (102) lead creeps forward real slow, decending a bit, eventualy hitting the farp with his tale. I saw a few bits comming off. Then he flies off as aspected. After strafing the units firing on the downed pilot 102 gives a 'they are supressed' message, and he asks me to cover him while he lands to pick up the soldier. He makes his approach and when he is about 20 - 40 meters above the ground he starts gaining some altitude again. After this he enters a loop where he keeps ascending and descending, but never landing. I've tried flying around, landing
  7. Keep up the good fight drex! Loving ur server. Since blueflag and open conflict stopped because of all these issues urs is the only one that provides a teamwork experience, and that is what mp is all about for me! Keep dcs mp Alive ;-)
  8. If anyone is having the same problem i had, see the post by Pacman here for the sollution! Be aware though, DCS will recognise both the virtual throttle as the actual, so be sure to unbind the actual throttle @Gizzy it is not your profile, its the thrustmaster software. http://forum.teamspeak.com/threads/128245-conflict-with-target-gui-from-thrusmaster
  9. Tnx for the quick respond :-) In the analyser all is well. When trying to set it as enable/disable mic mute (so it mutes teamspeak when i talk on Simpleradio) it either reads button 2, but doesnt close the input windows (ie when pressing escape to exit my hotkey says button 2 + esc) or it reads all buttons on the throttle at once (not just the mic). I also have to reset the gamepad/joystick ad on and not touch any buttons until i get to the input window or it wont read any key at all. SR does recognise the key just fine and i hear it clicking while i try to input it in TS, so i guess its a
  10. Gizzy i absolutely love your profile! Just got the warthog and was a bit confused the buttons only had 1 state in DCS, but your profile cleared it right up :-) I have one issue: I cant get button 2 (mic switch push) bound to teamspeak when the profile is running. Without target it works, but it wont recognise the bound switch while running the profile. (2nd part of that makes sense) Do you have a fix for that?
  11. Old post, but thanks a lot :-) Im not technical at all, but this was an easy fix. 15 minutes and it works fine again :)
  12. I tried a restart of my PC after changing the pagefile (should have thought of that sooner) and i am currently online Looking at a beautifull KA50 on High settings! Thank you very much! I hope this fix will last :D :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  13. Yes, the drivers are up to date. I had to google to find the page file setting, never heard of that before XD. It was not set to system managed. Should it be? Did a test run with it set on system managed. Still crashes.
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