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  1. Thanks NineLine for looking into this. According to the table attached, which I think applies to our Bf109K with 605DB engine, 1.15ATA is "economy cruise" which in my interpretation would be normal cruise. I know that ED's Bf109 manual gives 1.25 as "cruise", but the problem with using 1.25 is that it results in a airspeed that requires full nose down stab plus a little of stick forward to maintain level flight, which is uncomfortable during long flights (real or simulated). The only time I have heard of "gunning the engine" is on prolonged descents at idle or long idle on ground,
  2. As far as I can see, it is not possible to select the landing gear in Neutral. The Neutral position was used in case you lose the engine hydraulic pump and needs to use the hand pump to lower the flaps.
  3. Any news about this? In the latest version (January 2021) the air filter does not increase the carburetor temperature.
  4. I think the issue is that the wingman taxis too close and tries to go around the leader to "takeoff first". Note on picture 1 how close #2 is compared to #3 and #4. On picture 2, I turned right on a taxiway and #2 continued straight and hitting me. It would be nice if #2 taxis a little farther back, I think it would avoid most of the collisions.
  5. Ok, can you explain the engine grinding noise at the end of the track? Or the resulting lower speed for the same ATA?
  6. After a long flight on the 109 (more than 1 hour) I noticed that the engine was not producing as much power as in the beginning of the flight. I could reproduce the event, see track. It is rather simple just fly around at cruise power (around 1.15 ATA) and after about 50 minutes (use time compress) you can hear the engine damage and it producing less power by comparing the airspeeds. An easier way to check that is to “active pause”, and after around 30 minutes you can see the propeller pitch changing to compensate (increasing pitch) the loss of power. Interestingly if you keep a high power 1.2
  7. Talking about weather, i create clouds but after flying +/-50 miles they always disappear. Is there a way to make those clouds stay? Sorry if this is a stupid question. Not the overcast but the 1-7 cloud cover.
  8. GB. sorry to bother, but maybe you missed the question above. Or what Odey said is the SOP?
  9. Is there an SOP for how to setup the screens for takeoff and landing? For example: Checklist on left, DHI on right, HUD on center, etc. Or is up to the pilot preferences? Thanks.
  10. GB and Lex, Thanks for taking the time to write here. Some of us do appreciate it.
  11. Hello, On the C101CC on the right side there is the "canopy fracture" (not sure of name, away from computer now) the handle with the red "remove before flight", what is is for, what does it do? By the way I liked the "remove before flight".
  12. Thanks GB for the real life tips. If a may ask a question: Regarding the Case 1 initial 3 nm and 800 ft, any real life tips for that? How many degrees turn right after point 3? When to turn left? Dme to turn left? 350kt right at point 3? How to keep spacing to the flight ahead if they use a different speed than 350? Thanks!
  13. -Over the past 2 years I don't recall anybody ever talking about Steam definitions of early access. You are changing the rules midway. -It doesn't matter if I have enjoyed the F18 so far. This is a business, you promised something and we paid. If $80 doesn't cover your costs then on the next project charge something else. -No matter what you call it, come January 2021 the people working on the F18 will be moved to the F16 (which will be on pause for 8 months), to the Hind, to the SC, to the P47, to the yet to be announced next project, etc. Them the list of 2021 will simply not happen, j
  14. "Early access is not for everybody, so don't but it" has been written here many times. It is not for me but after reading Mr Grey post on Reddit "ED needs early access" I decided to help and bought the F-18. Early access is based on trust. When I send ED money I trusted they would deliver what was promised on a "reasonable time". "Reasonable time" is open for discussion, fine, but now the "what" is also up in the air. ED, what I am going to say next is not meant to upset you or just in despite, it is just a hope that you think about your business model: I no longer trust you to deliver wha
  15. You asked for my opinion, so here it is: Disapointed, very disapointed. Not about the time the F-18 is taking in early access, but with "out of early access" now means missing things. It should either be out of early access or missing things but not not both. I understand the F18 "have" to be out of early access in 2020, but simply calling it so is not enough. I wish ED success, but as a customer I am losing faith.
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