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  1. I am trying to set down a road base for my Co-Op Campaign, yet the ground power does not seem to work for any aircraft but my own. I can use ground power and air just fine but whenever another player try it, they get "out of supply". The Road Base is static objects + invisible farp. What am I missing so that my squadmates can also use ground power at the base? EDIT: Okey, so lesson learned. DO NOT put down Vehicles as Static Objects. They have to be vehicles.
  2. Free of Charge, just like Operation Black Bear.
  3. More previews for the sequel; Desert Thunder
  4. As a Campaign Creator, I vote "yes" on this.
  5. In regards to AI, I am perfectly happy to have road bases that only a player can use. If I can take half a feature or none of the feature, I will ride with half. And now the big part of it is done.
  6. Bump. With the inclusion of the invisible FARP I feel that just allowing Aircraft to spawn there would solve the problem nicely. Perfect for Harriers and Viggens!
  7. If you want a preview of the stand-alone sequel, this is for you:
  8. Rather than wait for Heatblur to just add the "place on ground" for the AJS 37 Viggen, I have a few suggestions on how to implement roadbases. 1: The first one is a roadcoloured tile that essentially works as a FARP. One of these can spawn one aircraft as well as reload / refuel it it as specified as you do with any other airfield. You can also alter the colour of this tile so it blends into the ground. Essentially just a one-airplane farp that is places exactly above the existing terrain. 2: Mark road as airstrip. This will "upgrade" the road by essentially making the ground air
  9. You can see me flying it here: I would give you the advise to not be too hasty. You have a long way to fly and there is a lot of friendlies to help you - the friendlies will engage a lot of the enemy aircraft. The MIG 31s and SU 27s are powerful air-to-air assets so make sure they go in first. Give ample space; about two-three minutes or more until you run in after them. Finding the Mainstay in the mess is tricky so if it appears on your RWR, it is always better to follow the radar signals rather than any actual contacts. Once in range, order your flight to engage. And mind your fuel
  10. I will probably never make a commercial one; the entry ticket for DCS is high enough as it is. If Deka Ironworks wants to include it in the module however, all they have to do is drop me a message. I'll check Mission 6 later today. Most likely one of my altered mission victory triggers acting up.
  11. Neither. It must have been a frustrating chase for the other pilot. He did fly well, better then I did imho. I wasted a lot of fuel thinking he was still behind me due to poor SA when he had broken off a lot earlier. Simply sharing a fun encounter.
  12. Poor MiG, that has to be some serious frustration. Was a fun flight however. Will be more ahead.
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