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  1. Two more .... I hope week. I'm sur months. I fear years
  2. +1. I think there is no need for more words. This system is bugged as hell and it's just 10 months old ...
  3. I confirm. i had the second monitor on the left of the main one and one my GUI was : x=1920 y=0 with those settings i wasn't able to move the Kneeboard. I change the settings by putting my second monitor to the right of the main one so x=0 y=0. Now i have the kneeboard GUI on top of the actual Kneeboard and i can move it.
  4. This bug is in the module for many years :music_whistling:
  5. On the WAtch / chrono the chrono time in millisecond goes sometimes 00:00:10 at the start and add 00:00:10 every tenth of a second. It eventually goes 00:00:100 wich distort the screen. At other times it display 00:00:another thing
  6. still there. Tried this on 2.5.6 with game up to date CTD as soon as i press Ident
  7. Have you seen how the GPU is handled on every big airport ? Having someone doing things or other on airplane with motor running is a very common thing
  8. you need to have a point selected, either an active tacan or a waypoint in order to have csel doing something. For that you need to have TCN or WPT boxed on the hsi
  9. Hi Lonewolf too Callsign: Alleluia Prefered Aircraft: A-10C
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