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  1. Try as I might, I haven't been able to get a PointCTRL, and the various Leap/VR Controller integrations were difficult to set up and fiddly in use (no tactile feedback, lots of accidental activation of switches). So I made my own solution involving a Leap for hand tracking and dedicated finger-rings for button pressing. CPU usage and framerate impact is negligible, and it's a single executable, with no driver changes or SteamVR config required. Like PointCTRL, the Leap input translates into DCS mouse input rather than VR input, here's an older video of what it's like in use:
  2. They all work well for us - just to check - if you're running it on an MP server are you commenting out the MissionScripting.lua file in the server install directory rather than the client directory?
  3. After your post I did the same test and noticed the same. It turns out that for me, FFR was super useful on some maps/missions (the ones I originally tested on), but awful on others (the ones I now fly on). Given that I now mostly fly Syria (which is CPU bound for me), I've also elected to turn FFR off - thank you for doing the test and causing me to revisit!
  4. I'm not - maybe that's a key difference. I had been using it in the past, but it wasn't clear Ah, sorry I missed that you were on the 5K+; I had the 5K+ before the 8KX, and after much tweaking (e.g. Small FOV) to get to an OK framerate, could never go back - though the recent visibility changes might make the 5K+ actually better for spotting, with the 8KX I can spend a lot of time inside the cockpit happily dealing with MFDs (even the F-16's tiny MFDs). If you don't care as much about tiny text, it might not be as valuable an upgrade. Small FOV sounds like a waste o
  5. FWIW (because it probably varies from PC to PC) I have the opposite experience with FFR on my Pimax 8KX / 3090 / 9900K - I love it - with aggressive FFR I can play Syria at native / 80% SS / Small FOV / VR defaults smoothly. Without FFR the framerate drops into the red. For me, I'd rather have artifacts at the edge of my vision than doubled-up stuff in the center from motion smoothing.
  6. Yeah I have a bunch of them from researching this - they are all uniformly terrible; they don't pair with Windows well, the latency is high and random (press a button four times, get two to four events one to five seconds later), and they send super weird key events that Windows doesn't recognize (whereas the Loop uses regular BLE GATT services, which makes it much easier to deal with). The search continues
  7. FWIW, I've been working on something similar - using the Leap to create VR mouse input (because I don't actually like DCS VR controls even when they do work). We share some of the same issues around how to get button input - that finger mouse is big, and you want something on your finger that can send a variety of inputs. In case it helps, some of the things we've found: The North Loop controller is by far and away the best option here, but you can't get it anymore (I am lucky enough to have one) Kokuyo Presenter - a ring-sized thing that sends B, Page Up, and Pa
  8. If anyone wants one, I put one up on Etsy
  9. Yeah the Leap's hand tracking is quite good - they provide estimates of all the bone positions, so I use the knuckle of the index finger - it's more stable than the fingers themselves, which get occluded my hands. The problem is that when it does lose tracking, it can take a second or two and some hand-waving to bring it back. I feel like the ring (which is black in IR) reduces the reliability too. The ring came with the North Focals (a low-FOV head up display that is more like a head-up watch than AR) - it was annoying as a persistently-worn controller for a glasses display, but f
  10. I couldn't wait for my PointCTRL order, so I hacked together a hand tracker + button pusher using a North Focals Loop (a 5-way Bluetooth LE controller on a ring) and a Leap Motion: It works OK (here's a video), but hand tracking isn't ever going to be as robust as tracking an LED, and it only does one hand (you can't buy more Loop controllers), so all its done is whet my appetite for the PointCTRL even more!
  11. I made these acrylic panels to fit on the Flight Ops Panel - you can use a white whiteboard marker to write your labels on, and they erase with a wet sponge. This makes it super easy to create/bind/experiment/change controls, and fast to swap different panels on and off for different planes - they just slide on over the top of the existing panel without screws. ​ Still experimenting though :)
  12. I second that - I bought an earlier version of the same hub in 2013, and it's still going strong
  13. frenzon


    From the discord:
  14. Imagine flying without sound on. That's what flying without a Jetseat feels like.
  15. No-one has mentioned it yet, but one of the biggest changes you can make is to install the VR Shaders Mod. It's a massive pain to install and keep updated (you have to wipe your shaders and reinstall the mod each update), but it lead to a huge performance increase for my 5K+/2080Ti/9900K - it took it from noticeably jerky to incredibly smooth at 1.5PD/72hz.
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