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  1. Sorry for the late follow on - yup, that worked, although as a side note, on the actual mission 9 with the SEALs, I kept having wingman issues with the first ZSU's. Was following the attack bearing and talk-on instructions from the JTAC and I couldnt get passed the "Abort, Abort, Abort!" call - I just dropped GBU-12's on both targets anyway, which did the trick. The mission progressed and I was able to finish it; didn't have any issues with any of the follow up calls. That said, I think it might've been user error on that one. I have a tendency to get a little "creative" on my attack runs.
  2. https://komodosimulations.co.uk/collections/collective Don't fly helos myself, but I've heard great things about link related. That said, the base and head combo is quite expensive, but perfect for recreating the Huey or any of the other helos they have heads for.
  3. Title says it all - started on mission 9, the night Alert 30 flight, and after comms check and starting to taxi to the cats, Olive inches her way forward but doesn't turn to avoid the parked Hornet in front of her. Its the one closest to the bridge, nose pointing towards the Port Quarter (Back Left) of the ship. My guess is it's just something with the pathing on the flight deck with AI, as removing that particular hornet in the editor and launching the mission from there fixed it.
  4. Don't know if it'll help, but just in case, I went ahead and highlighted the important stuff as well. Blue is the unmarked chopper which was engines on but otherwise static since touchdown (~3:55). Red are the two trucks that moved only that tiny bit from where they spawned (Moved at ~3:57 then stopped) Green is the two southern outposts to help with positioning. (The picture is taken looking roughly west-north-west)
  5. Version: OB, downloaded May 28th Mission: EW3, SP19 OP Masada Problem: The trucks with arms loaded do not move, therefor Rolex is never reached and the operation never begins. Takeoff goes fine; Apaches (Banshee) go first followed by Me (Dodge). Fly out to WP 1 and WP 2 "orbit" is fine; and then Dodge anchors further away than the waypoint is from the compounds at ~6000MSL & 280KIAS. Banshee checks in, and Overload confirms. Then, at 3:55, the unmarked Huey comes in and lands. At ~3:57, radios spark up saying that the trucks are moving, which they do - about ten feet. Then
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