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  1. Hello, is mfcd works with or without mfcd screen export ? Like 1 or like 2? Thanks !
  2. Hello! What controller is Volodya "Komaroff" from Kharkov? I don't find it on google. I try to make a linear JF-17 throttle. Thanks a lot!
  3. https://eurasiantimes.com/indian-rafales-far-superior-to-pakistans-jf-17-thunder-chinese-military-experts-make-rare-admission/ Soon
  4. Thx, I have a z270 board and it seems that board can't support i9 without modified bios... :( And for the i9 9900k , air cooling is enough? I read on google/forum that this proc heats up a lot. I have a be quiet! Dark Rock PRO 4 Thanks again.
  5. Hello! I would like to change my i5 7600k (4.2Ghz O/C) with a 9x00 intel cpu (socket 1151). But what cpu? i7 9700kf or i9 9900kf. Especially for VR. 300 to 400€ For DCS is it much better to get i9 or the i7 is enough? The 9900kf seems to be a "hot" (in degree C°) cpu no? My spec : i5 7600k 4.2Ghz 32 DDR4 3200Mhz 1070ti full ssd (I'm waiting for new amd GPU to change the 1070ti) Thanks!
  6. Hello, Thx for the tips, I read other guides but I get 40fps max in cockpit in air (30 near the ground). I think my 1070ti is the card to change. (i5 7600k O/C, 32GB DDR4, SSD M2)
  7. Hello! 408 Roger01 in the list. I'm waiting for the v2 for information. Thanks a lot!
  8. Thx, I try this. [Edit] This tip works! Thanks again. I see I lost a few FPS within the canopy (cause reflection?) but I got 30/40 fps now!
  9. Hello, In VR, I have a huge FPS drop when the fog goes on the canopy in high altitude. Without fog or without canopy (drop), I don't have FPS drop anymore. FPS in VR on low altitude (or without canopy entierly in high altitude): ~40fps FPS with fog on canopy : ~18fps. Thanks !
  10. #define ENABLE_SIMPLE_CANOPY is already on "1" into the file _HMD.hlsl I have delete fxo and metashaders2 (and the shaders folder before making a repair), past your IC pass variant et launch the game. I launch JF-17, 35-40 fps in canopy at low altitude. If I go up at high altitude (15000+), there's fog on the canopy and got a fps drop (18 fps~) in the cockpit only because there's fog/mist/steam/condense (buée en français, sorry don't know the real translation) on the window of the canopy. I got fps drop because of that. I thing the shader of the autor of this thread (1st post of the
  11. So, I test your IC pass version but the fog on canopy still here. 18~ fps in the cockpit and 40~ fps outside, and 40~ without the canopy : (the FPS meter is too small on screenshots)
  12. Nice! Thank you! I test that as soon as possible.
  13. Thx for the details, I have 32GB of Ram, but I mean this (1st post) shader won't work in MP (won't pass the integrity check). For me, the FPS drop in VR are from the "frog" on the canopy (like the JF-17 in high altitude). With this shader = no shader (et no fog) on the canopy so the fps are stable.
  14. Great work! This shader runs my DCS at 30-40fps withou fps drop. But .. no mp :( any other shader how work on mp do you have? thx!
  15. Hello! In VR, I have very low FPS when the fog is on the window of the cockpit in high altitude. Can I remove this fog with a mod or whatever? Thanks a lot!
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