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  1. This is really a great job congratulation
  2. After downloading V0.86.7 No more issue with the A330 Skins
  3. This Aircraft is really amazing. What a great job done. Thank you very much
  4. Thank you Sushy it's work fine for me F1CT.LUA + WeaponsCT.LUA Regards
  5. Your my hero Sushy!!! Do you think that you could remove the reinforcement of the canopy in order to have a more realistic version? If it not possible don't worry it will be perfect your picture are already very nice. Hope the release will come soon Thank you for your job
  6. Very nice job. Do you think that you could do these french ones please ? WINGS PALETTE - Embraer EMB-312/T-27 Tucano/EMB-314/A-29 Super Tucano - France (scn.ru)
  7. HI Sushy, I have no particular issue with A320 skins. Only the A330 one's are not working. I have verified base on your comment, the format is a DDS and there is no _jpg in the description file. So your proposal is not the good one badfully. So is there a solution? Regards
  8. Thank you Luiz for the great work you are doing.
  9. Seams that the A330 skins are not matching fine with the model. Any fix available ? Thank you for your comments and assistance
  10. Anybody to create a French Army MRTT skin for the A330? Regards
  11. The server is already blocked because too mush load!!! ok I will wait Thank you damien this a very sucessfull mod I am happy for you
  12. It will only remain the brand new H160 Guepard and you will have nearly all the panel of french helicopter in the army Congratulation and thank you again for all this work.
  13. Hello Sushy


    First of all thank you  for all the work you are doing for us.


    I saw a picture of the dauphin as a pedro of the carrier?


    Do you just place the heclicopter close to the carrier at the same speed or do you use a a specific macro for that?



    1. sushy73


      Hello FST_Bearcat.

      You're welcome 🙂

      For the Pedro,  my screenshot was taken when the helo took off from the carrier.

      I tried to place it at the same speed and at low altitude but it does'nt want to stay at this altitude...

      It always climb to 2000 feets 

      I don't understand why.🤨



    2. FST_Bearcat


      Thank you Sushy for your quick answer.


      Hope you or someone else will find a fix.


      I have some guys who mike playing with moose or zeus I will ask them if this is feaseble


      Will let you know



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