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  1. now i get it 4 years on.....since the last few updates and its NOT my system...my system hasn't changed except bigger graphics card and more ram and it worked having fitted those.
  2. Hi TOViper, Thanks for the advice....it worked all good now.
  3. Hi, Since the last update i cannot select AA weapons on my warthog joystick. It worked fine prior to update. When i go in the menu they are still binded so i deleted and rebinded them. In game both SP and MP still will not select just a blank HUD in AA mode. You may have answered this but looked and didnt see anything. Thanks dcs.log
  4. I'm the same on beta.....used to be fine but gradually getting worse after more updates......i have not altered my computer and its powerful enough with super fast broadband. i fly with someone on my own server also with a friend who lives 150m away. He was fine with MP up until the last update and now he cant get on hardly any at all...we r about the same albeit different servers, approx 70% are gone. I have done what all the above comments have advised tbh ive always done it...made no difference at all. I have utterly run out of ideas especially when the main 4 i used to go
  5. Ah ok i will try what you suggest, if i have anymore probs i will get back to you..........maybe the sim was just taking a long time to go back to the main menu screen and it wasnt frozen.....also my frame rates are also very low unusually so. Anyway thanks for looking much appreciated.
  6. I can but how do i do that...sorry
  7. Hi when leaving a flight to get to the main menu game is freezing occasionally. When trying to exit game game is locking on DCS screen. Mainly when using syria map using A10c 2 or f14 A or B
  8. Because of computer problems I had to reinstall 2.5 beta. There are no modules showing up in-game to download and I purchased about 95% of them.previouly Only seeing su25 and t51 and no terrains. I have run out of ideas, any help would be much appreciated.
  9. Ah good point, I will suggest that, thanks
  10. Hi everyone, quick question I tried to host a MP session last night with a friend which we have been using for over a year but not for the last three months due to other commitments in RL. He could not find the server in his MP server menu despite looking and reloading etc etc for over an hour. Have I missed something? Have the the updates messed anything up to your knowledge? I have scanned the forums but can't see anything. Thanks.
  11. When placing waypoints for aircraft in SP mission building I write something like TGT1 next to the WP. I have noticed that the writing ie TGT1 is being ghosted above the correct waypoints TGT1. I would put an image but I have no idea how to do that...sorry PG gulf map
  12. Some 353rd fighter group would be nice Having picked up the book Jonahs feet are dry would be nice to see some of those.
  13. to much power maybe....throttle back a bit
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