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  1. Hi anyone know, and would please explain,how to set CPU-Affinity.for multi cores.thanks if anyone knows...:helpsmilie:
  2. would like to see something simple Like ....A Flyable...Take offf the runway even..."Frogfoot" A10s ok ..but Handling a froggy is shear Hell..even rolling down the runway its allover the place.yet Froggy is what Flaming Cliffs was developed round. ironic. rjw.
  3. :helpsmilie:PLEASE.does anyone know how too merge missions to-gether to form campain .using mis.editor. any help would be much praised.thankyou.:)
  4. black shark recieved e-mail,yesterday,from ed.after enquires.made.about release date of blk shark.release date was given as april / may.2008.
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