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  1. I have also crashes since 2.7. However my PC configuration is correct: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x; RTX 2070; 32 Gb RAM; 1Tb SSD for DCS.
  2. Hello, Do you know if there is already an Iraqi Army Su-17 M4 Fitter skins? If not, where can I find a skin template for this aircraft? Thank you.
  3. Hi, I am submitting some corrections about High Halden: Plan of High Halden 1944: High Halden at Channel map: These are really small fixes!
  4. Hi all, The Gravesend Laws Hangar in the 1930s : Gravesend airfield circa 1944 (Google Earth sources):
  5. Hi , Plans of West Malling airfield circa 1944 with markings indicated on the maps (Google Earth sources):
  6. Hi, Blister hanger , blast pens type E and AE at RAF Biggin Hill circa 1944 (Google Earth sources):
  7. Hi all, I would like to send you some corrections concerning the absence of Blister Hangars on Hawkinge and Lympne aerodromes on the channel map. Blister Hangar at High Halden ALG in DCS Channel map: Blister Hangar During WW2 at Hawkinge (Google Earth source): Now, on DCS Channel map: The Same thing at Lympne airfield: During WW2 (Google earth source): On the Channel map:
  8. the airfields on the Normandy map were, for many, not compliant at the time. However, there is a lot of information on the internet. A little research would have been appreciated! When I see how the famous Tangmere base was made, it hurts my heart! It's a shame! RAF Tangmere 1944:
  9. Fred901

    Mission 6

    Hi, I'm doing mission 6 and my leader is not waiting for me. He advances and kills the soldier in front of him. When I take off it is already very far away. I'm on the last stable version 2.56.
  10. this airfield has been modeled historically: Is not a bug ! All the airfields in the channel map are historically correct except Merville Calonne which was modeled as it was after ww2 (NATO standards).
  11. https://hawkertyphoon.com/
  12. Here is the plan of airfield Merville Calonne in september 1944: https://forgottenairfields.com/airfield-merville-calonne-1065.html
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