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  1. Hi, this is what butters my parsnips Anyone who spends time creating stuff for others should feel free to do it for their enjoyment too so please take all the stuff below with a pinch of salt and not as a demand! Ive spent months creating complex mission only for stuff to break so I do appreciate the amount of effort that goes into a campaign. Some of the things I like and dont. Audio not text. Ideally GOOD professional/gifted voice acting. Wouldn't expect it from a free campaign but I would for a paid one. Some Amazon polly voices can, with some judiciou
  2. ......apart from the viggen (of course). Mea culpa
  3. I find the Harrier a lot more fun that either the A10 or the Hornet BUT I also find it more limited in its overall capability and many of its systems are either still bugged or very difficult to work with (or both). This said, dropping iron bombs seems fine, using mavs seems ok and nothing gives you the impression of speed at low level like the harrier.
  4. I found it a very useful feature to improve my refueling technique. The sooner I make contact the sooner he shuts up!
  5. all the info you need, none you dont and far from dry too.
  6. So little do they care that they are producing two new ones and making those the larger proportion of their modern output for the next 18 months to 2 years? Having a few older modules that are likely spaghetti coded and that most have already bought, rightly or wrongly isnt a great incentive to sort helo related stuff out. Hopefully having two premium priced modules and needing to claw back the investment on them is. Not saying it'll fix the BS but it may help push fixes for other helo related stuff and the so so low/slow flying graphics. Or maybe not, depends how many ED reckon
  7. RAF F4s were deployed after the conflict at Stanley in late 1982 but these were Spey engined FGR2s and although based on the J they were "modded" a little more than a bit (different engines, intakes, rear fuse, flaps, slats, ECMs, performance characteristics). Some FGR2s were on readiness at Ascension Island for Air Defence of that base during the conflict (but never called upon and about 4000 miles North of Razbams map area anyway.) The 15 pure-ish F4Js (upgraded to virtually F4S standards) that the RAF purchased in the mid 80s to fill a gap in the UK's air defence left by the
  8. After a full weekend of getting to grips with the Mi8 and the sling loading I finally completed mission 4 only to be wiped out 100M from the runway threshold by a Landing IL76. No warning and after obtaining permission to land too. Rude. Im assuming its one of several that are landing given some were already on the deck and Im also assuming they are likely to be about just as you are coming home. Anyhow. For anyone else working through this campaign - dont rely on dumb and dumber next to you or the ATC and keep your eyes peeled!
  9. Well ive given it enough time for now. Whether its true to real life I know not but, as it stands, its too finicky, un-intuitive and glitch prone to be even remotely useful to me. Thankfully the Harrier still has its other charms. Thanks to all who tried to help.
  10. Thanks Zaius. The main thing that defies me now is using the DMT then slaving the tpod. Tpod on its own no problem, auto bombing no problem but the getting the TV into SOI - not a chance. Not even a noob at all this. Should be a sinch! Onwards and upwards. The Harrier is by far my favorite module but also the most frustrating.
  11. Thanks Ramsay Once Id sussed that "down" isnt aft things began to make more sense however something I press causes the tpod to go ape then lock forward (whilst the directional dot on screen is somewhere behind) and after that I cant operate it no matter what I try. Ill press on but it all seems very finicky to the point of ceasing to be worthwhile ATM. But I could say that about of lot of things in this game.
  12. Boosterdog

    TPOD woes

    Hello, Im getting back into the Harrier but im really struggling with the TPOD, its control and even understanding what works and what doesnt IRL given its Frankenstein integration on the real world AV8s . I understand there is some black magic in setting it up to avoid counter binding movements (INS??) and presumably some way of designating a point but right now its just not behaving itself for me. Im quite happy to go and do the research in the videos and forums in the absence of any current manual but, before I do, I would really like to know that its working as in
  13. Ive got a question not directly related to this excellent work but which I hoping someone cleverer than I can answer. I recently established that removing the file "shrub.ref" from the terrains/surface detail folder enables me to use default shadows even when flying low in the heavily forested mountains of the caucuses map. Whilst the net effect is a slightly sparser forest floor Im quite happy to live with that given the overall improvement. What i wondered however is does each tree have its own command in terms of shadow use and could it be turned off for just one i
  14. Try right click with your mouse over the link and select open in new window
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