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  1. Hi, I have the same problem. While flying the ATGM training mission the sight automatically goes to the bottom left corner. In controls I haven't found a single line for the sight to have a "slew axis" but that's exactly how it acts. After a while, I found out that my pedals on Saitek rudder pedals control it (the one used for braking on fixed-wing aircraft), and also if I move with my mouse really fast I see some impact. Because I can't unassign it I can't use the ATGMs which really bugs me out. Yeah but here you don't have anywhere to unassigne it (otherwise I share the same experience with new modules and my Saitek rudderpedal for flight sims!) Thanks
  2. Thank you for your very kind and helpful reply!! Still I would prefer it to be repaired by ED. If not for me at least for future buyers, because it's the first and original campaign. Regards Jakub
  3. Hello, while trying to replay my campaign for Ka-50 "Deployment", because I again lost all progress after some patch :hmm: , I got stuck and right on the first mission. The issue is the lead Mi-24 always crashes to a hill/trees minute after talking about the "two peaks ... " in the first 1/4 of the flight. It's always right in the first hill the AI has to climb. After the Mi-24 is dead I have no longer any scripted calls and also I don't get mission success on finishing the mission on my own. Is this a well know bug? What should I do to overcome it? How do I save my progress so it's not deleted on almost every update? Edit: Grammar
  4. Hello, I have the F-14 since the release and I fly also other DCS modules (F/A-18C, A-10, Mig-21Bis etc.) so I don't think the further described problems have anything to do with my setup or "lack of muscle memory". Overview. After almost one year of flying the F-14 more or less extensively, I am still unable to A2A refuel. I don't have any problem landing it, using weapons systems, but I have a huge problem with small inputs. Hardware. Since the release of F-14, I switched from X56 to HOTAS Warthog. First I was thinking my inability to A2A refueling was a lack of skill then the new hardware but after 6 months of playing with the new stick, I am absolutely comfortable doing all types of shenanigans in let's say Hornet or Viggen. Description of the issue. The main issue that I spot is the inability to do slight changes and the lag of input vs in-game stick movement + plane movement. To address the first one. I was trying to tune the axis (roll and pitch) on the Warthog for the past few months, watched all videos on how to do this, read Chuck's guide, etc.. With no change for the F-14. With current deadzone on 4 and axis to curvature 15 (saturation both 100). No chance to refuel also with all set to zero. I also set up curvatures on other planes but it usually took me like 15 minutes to try and figure out which setting fits the best, but not with the F-14. I am still seeing no changes in aircraft movement till 1/5 way out of the center and then a sudden jump. When I am chasing the basket the movement left to right does nothing or throws me out of the way. With pitch it's even worse. When I am trying to do slight adjustments I just get nothing, nothing and then I became a space ship for half a second when all three times I deflected the joystick the same amount. The ladder one - the lag. I noticed that there is a certain amount of time between me pulling up on the stick and seeing some results. I get it that when you change the control surfaces on a plane the change in pressure - lift isn't imminent. But when I even see noticeable lag on the change on the in-game stick compared to my input it gets super annoying and frequently deadly for my DCS pilot (leads to under compensating and straight after it overcompensating). My final question and ask for help is: What to do to smoothen and refresh the flying experience to make delicate flying - formation or Air refueling possible. I really don't know what's behind the lag but I would really appreciate any input on at least the joystick settings. Again all these problems are specific to F-14. Thank you very much for your time. P.S: Bonus question that isn't directly connected to F-14 but I don't like making many posts/threads. How do "pilots in logbooks" die? I once opened logbook and found out my pilot "died", but I have not played any campaign or nothing like that for ages. Just multiplayer and quick missions. P.S2: Was there a checkbox to make Jester unfunny? After 2 hours of trying air refueling, I really wanted to stick a toothbrush through his eyeball and burn him alive.
  5. Thank you for your answer! Should I delete this post now?
  6. Hello, if this is a repost I am sorry and please delete this. Every time I open up a kneeboard and turn two pages (getting to 3rd page) whole DCS freezes and the only way to kill it is with task manager. Talking to a few friends and I am not the only one with this issue. Still a great module. Hopefully, it won't be hard to fix.
  7. Dobrá práce! Jen bych se chtěl zeptat jak to vypadá s aktualizací do 2.5? Předem děkuji za odpověď Nice job! I just wanted to ask how does it look like with update for 2.5? Thanks
  8. Thank you for your response. I made this post after the latest update. I tried a "mission" with an air start but it crashed as always :/. I will try to repair my DCS in upcoming days. In attechments you can see the latest Crash (only one player controlled Viggen - air start over Vegas). dcs.log-20180107-221339.zip
  9. Thats awesome idea. Thank you! Btw Bunyap its been ages since you uploaded your last video. I even thought something happened to you. I still come back to your videos once in a while.
  10. Hello, everytime I want to select AJS-37 in a MP mission (or quick mission or anything else with viggen) my games crashes. Is it a known issue? Can I do something about it? I wasnt able to play the AJS-37 since the release of 2.2 . Thank you - I posted the same on DCS World 2.0 - Crashes farum. - I even made a support ticket after a chat in support window on https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/ Their response: "Hello. We do not provide technical support for third-party products, such as Viggen by Heatblur Simulations. Please ask for support Heatblur on their forums. Best regards and many happy landings ! MotorEAST" So I am here... In attachments you can see my crashes. Crsahes.zip
  11. Nice! But it (Viggen) still crashes my 2.2. Any news on this problem?
  12. Hello, everytime I want to select AJS-37 in a MP mission (or quick mission or anything else with viggen) my games crashes. Is it a known issue? Can I do something about it? I wasnt able to play the AJS-37 since the release of 2.2 :(. Thank you
  13. If you are thinking about APKWS try contacting Poly-Dynamics. They already showed some pictures of their renders of this weapon. Maybe they already have the much needed info :)
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