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  1. my first was 386sx so you won. I'm an engeener. Everything you wrtote is fine almost. There's one thing more. When there are botlenecks in multithered ops, and no vital PC component is utilized more than 50%. What is the botleneck?
  2. This is almost true. ALMOST because all people including me have 30-40% CPU utilisation MAX (looking at specific cores). There's even no 100% vram usage - i have 32GB RAM and 8GB VRAM system. AT most it utilised 3,7GB vram of 8. So 40% CPU + 50% GPU + 50%vram + 25% RAM utilized. No throtling, noc1 states, performance everywhere. It means streaming system. Thank you. p.s. plus my 15 years of experience
  3. And what GPU utilization do you have on those low settings?
  4. I think just one solution - uninstaling the game. I have same problems with GPU & CPU utilization on my rig. It won't be optimised because there's some major engine streaming issues. That's why there are so many people complainin and no Eagle Dynamics dev response. They have to know about it and i dont think they do anythin about it
  5. I have THE SAME PROBLEM ! never got past 55% on GPU and 60% on ANY CPU core. Never got more than 3700GB VRAM usage on 8GB vram system. My rig below, newly installed system with newest system drivers. I'm going to return back my game to steam. I have to use LOW settings to get 90Hz for HTC vive and than i have like 15-25% GPU utilization. When i try to turn off vive and steam vr I have sometimes drops to 75fps on low settings. I'm shocked this game didn't ever used more than half of my RAM, half of my GPU VRAM, half of my GPU power and half of my CPU power?! WTF? My system is on performance power mode even better -> BIOS functions like speed step and C1 turned off. I'm overclockin PCs and notebooks from 15 years now. I know how to set system properly. Engine of this game is a CRAP. Everywhere else i'm getting 90%-100% gpu utilisation. Not here..
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