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  1. Try running cmd.exe and: DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS_Updater.exe repair
  2. You can't solve it in 1.5.6 p.s. I play in VR and have much better quality in frame times and overall graphics quality unmatched by 1.5. I even went to bench frame times. I have to admit there is more stuttering in VR in newer DCS versions - they did something wrong with streaming engine You will have to get used to swimming helis and other 1.5.6 quirks. Have fun!:thumbup:
  3. Turn lowest settings possible, ALT-TAB to windows, run process explorer. Turn on GPU tab, Network tab, disk tabs to find what's your system is doing (click on the tab to make it in descending order). You can move settings folder to ssd like some other guy said (it won't help much), moving pagefile to SSD is good also. DO not keep your disks at almost full. RAM helps coz You can turn pagefile to smallest possible (just don't turn it off because some processes could start to behave strangely looking for it and slowing down your system) and DCS has some memory leaks also. But RAM is pricey. It won't help with stutter from other processes tho - you have to use process explorer for that. Just find what is working while you play and verify if you can uninstall or turn it off. It doesn't have to use 30% of CPU it can be 2% and be the cause. Remember your CPU doesn't have to be utilized 100%. It just will not make it in frame time. Try NVIDIA 385.69 drivers because it's known some new drivers are not slower but has little less frame time consistency.:thumbup:
  4. Look at my second post. Also keep in mind that DCS has some memory leaks now.
  5. Try my checklist (or go #voodoo and turn off wifi)
  6. Game engine data streaming is perfectly fine i have it too but it's very fast. What's your specs? if you have SSD already m.2 won't help much. It gets worse if you have: 16GB RAM, Almost full SSD (it gets slower) opened browser while playing 2-4GB Graphics memory some processes ruining your cpu or gpu (process explorer - turn on GPU tab, it can show you disk, cpu, gpu, network usage, ) than your problem is probably on this list You may try turning off your monitor - it will help with stutter for sure :megalol:
  7. You can try nvidia 385.69 drivers. Many users tend to have less stutter with them. You can move your pagefile to ssd, buy some RAM(i know right;) ) and turn down some settings, try lowest first to check if your setup can handle lowest without stutter and go from there. Watch out for preload setting EDIT: don't mess with affinity please, there's no magic affinity trick - it will mess your setup. Just turn off unneeded processes (check it with ctrl+shift+esc and cleanup your mess if something works too much there. Don't kill important services just unneeded ones)
  8. ED news has stopped me from doing it :lol: I'm afraid to ask w h e n it will be enchanced:)
  9. SLI wouldn't matter anyway because it's impossible to find CPU to utilize SLI in environment bigger (campaign mission/ multiplayer) than free flight in DCS in VR. For now DCS isn't optimized for VR sadly
  10. UFO sighting in Mig-29 rear Mirror! :megalol:
  11. A-10C Mirrors do not render storm weather shadows (under the clouds):
  12. I found that NVIDIA drivers 385.69 give LITTLE better more stable performance on my rig than newest 390.77 ones. It's noticeable I.e. in Su-25 anti-radar missile practice shortly after take off early flight. Anyone else can confirm this?
  13. It's purple!:lol: now but seriously i don't mind it but i did notice something like this in spitfire too
  14. We have 11ms for CPU and at minimal settings it takes 10ms sometimes to prepare a frame in DCS in VR. It's still too much. I totally agree on Vulcan but have no delusions - it's not some kind of magic wand to resolve DCS problems with rendering pipeline in VR. Things like simultaneous multi-projection (halves rendered objects count) and lens matched shading WILL be much bigger for VR than vulcan itself. Anything would be great tho
  15. It has impact on performance - just not on CPU frame render times. First you need to take care of CPU if it makes in time with frame data than You want to max out your GPU potential but not overload it and make it in time frame. All in all i can't have 11ms in VR so I'm choosing lower than 22ms variant for both CPU and lower than 22ms for GPU. I hope my explanation makes sense
  16. Thanks, working on v2.5 already. I used steamVR frame timing tool which you can find in steamVR settings/performance page. But it will soon change for FCAT because i would like to measure more scenarios and test non VR environments
  17. Tree rendering is anisotropic filtering dependable now. Change it to x16
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