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  1. It's not only ASUS. It's ATX standard fault. My last MSI gamers X 1070 had the same problem. When i uninstalled it after a 1,5 year use it was heavily bended. I didn't noticed it before i took it off the case. Modern heavy cards tend to bend down on standard ATX tower setups because of their increased over standard weight.
  2. Do NOT lift PCB - always lift heatsink/waterblock and be delicate. I lifted plastic with led next to power plugs.
  3. I did sent it to gamersnexus and JayzTwoCents and making some post on Asus/ OC forums
  4. you have no idea how happy I am it worked for you:thumbup: I tried posting on PCMASTERRACE here but they downwoted it like i was some noob with magic trics ehh... salty reddit...
  5. I'm not assuming, i just proved it and made screenshot. when i started using a card it wasn't a problem but over time temps were worse. I started investigating my loop, radiator everything. And this was eyeopening discovery. When i meseured if my card is bended i noticeced it was. I noticed other cards bending like that so i wouldn't assume your's isn't suffering. I used a support, a plastic stick and temps dropped from 52-57° to 40's. After lifting card i easily OCed it to 2126. It hanged at 2088 before. 2126 is perfectly stable at 43°C on two hour benchmark loop. What temps do you have at 2025?
  6. I found that modern heavy cards tend to bend down on standard ATX tower setups because of their increased over standard weight. I have ASUS Poseidon 1080Ti - it's very heavy card (waterblock + air heatsink) but it applies to any modern GPU if it's water-block or not. After some time it bends little loosing good contact with PCB/GPU. What you see on screenshot (GPU temperature on first screenshot) are temps fluctuation 42-57°C while moving right side of card little up. Of course it's a problem with GPUs installed horizontally. Remember air cooled cards are less efficient in cooling so you have to wait much longer to see temps drop after lifting the card. With waterblock it's almost instantaneous. Do NOT lift PCB - always lift heatsink/waterblock and be delicate. I lifted plastic with led next to power plugs. So Check it and look after it, It can be even 15-20°C of difference! Fly safe!:pilotfly: (Cooling is maxed for testing purposes and this max2228 was instantaneous benchmark crash after my curve mistake) EVEN BETTER:
  7. Is it possible in VR to stop or reduce mouse cursor move while slightly moving your head? Maybe some mod? It bugs me i have to keep my head very steady when using buttons in cockpit
  8. Important thing about stutter to ALL of you :smilewink: big casual spikes are probably from game streaming engine(wchich evetually will stop and it's fine) or your system wchich is worse just check what's going in the background with Process Explorer (turn ON all tabs ie CPU, GPU, virustotal etc. and set one after the other in descending order ) Second type is much worse - start su-25t mission anti radar missile practice, start from airfield and while flying low after start look around to the ground left and right. Especially in VR this is nightmare. Now start v1.5.6 (not 1.5.8!)start the same mission and you will see big improvement. We can't deal with it - just DEVS can fix this.
  9. We don't need exact milestone dates. BUT Given we bought it to support project and the company before release and we're testing it for free we would like to have professional project planning and professional communication. I don't see it here. I work this way with my customers and I've never thought it's waste of my time. :) p.s. projects worked in "when it's done" manner tend to not end successfully in time
  10. Polychop any answer to this?:huh: Any planned updates?
  11. It won't detect it. But you can move folder (not copy): copy whole path of your save folder to notebook or something move folder run cmd.exe as admin mklink /D "c:\original_folder_path" "d:\moved_folder_path" EDIT thanks for info on newer drivers i'm going to check it:thumbup: but keep in mind when you are under cloud or there's no clouds there is different lightning in game
  12. OK i like it too, so i won't debate on how much is done by chuck and how much is from official manuals. We all benefit from his work:thumbup:
  13. So my comment was very accurate:)
  14. coz you're doing it wrong. "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS_updater.exe" repair OR Open cmd.exe IN your DCS\bin folder and paste(ctrl+V): DCS_updater.exe repair
  15. I'm not negating it's stright to the point. I'm just saying that's the same content cut from official guide. It get's much work to cut this if someone likes it. I like official guides more:thumbup:
  16. They are trully great but they are just stripped and copy/pasted from official guides which anyone can find in every module Docs folder...
  17. You're perfectly right on this, there are many bugs in DCS engine, memory leaks, bad streaming engine, nonexistent multithreading, VR engine is worse than bad after 1.5.6 they did something wrong with it. I hope they will manage those because we as all DCS players can not manage more shopping. Almost all players have 1080/1080ti's craploads of ram and fast processors. We're waiting for ED to carry out with the engine :thumbup::pilotfly:
  18. When did we have last AV-8B update?
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