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  1. Thank you for that. Prob should have clarified that I was referring to the system's ability to intercept missiles. The chapparal's missile guidance is bugged in DCS. It will not take an intercept course to the target, but go behind it and make a very high G turn, making it useless
  2. yeaaahhh....no lol. You should see some of the servers in MP lol. There's some full on dynamic campaigns out there with large ground wars, etc., letting players control the units (shameless plug for Red Storm Rising). That's why i was wondering about the point defense SAMs on blue. If there was a counterpart to the red TOR, I was going to put it in the server
  3. Did ED change something with the GPS logic? seems that JDAMS miss a lot now...at least the larger ones (GBU-31)
  4. It would be cool if a lot of these were in the game. And FYI, by point defense, not talking about planes, but missiles, glide bombs, etc.
  5. The Super Carrier is not a flyable module and was still tweaked to work (initially it was set to not let you join MP servers with it too). The same can be done for asset packs, in fact, it would even be free advertising for them as people would see the units, but not be able to control them. If they are good, then people will want to have the opportunity to control them. This is what happened with me and the supercarrier tbh, i saw it in the server and really wanted to use it due to that...ended up buying it
  6. I just hope that, if a deal is reached, it won’t be a requirement to own in order to join multiplayer servers. This would be a deal breaker for me. maybe just don’t give players the ability to use or control the new assets in tac command if they don’t have them, but still let them join a server. The super carrier does this nicely.
  7. Yep, that's it. It can cause missiles to bleed energy like crazy or go stupid and miss.
  8. Sort of, yeah. It only really seems to happen during high AoA turns (it's fine when the player being watched is flying straight). It can get pretty bad at times.
  9. explosion effect of missile seems to be way too small for the size of the warhead.
  10. For example, if I wanted infantry to use a TOW ATGM, would it be possible to change the weapon the infantry uses away from a rifle and make it an atgm? I know you can do this with planes and allow weapons that ED did not intend to allow (the SU-27 being able to use the SD-10 for example).
  11. When you put a ship in a mission in MP (dedicated server, norender enabled), the group name will be blank. This can be bad for server scripts that rely on naming of units / groups.
  12. bump...this is still a problem. Groms are useless at the moment
  13. i can lock the ground, the radar screen shows that i locked something, but when i fire the grom, it goes dumb. Anyone else having this issue in MP?
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