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    It's funny how all these journalists were saying this for years because they didn't see an immediate explosion of VR. It's almost as if everyone forgot how new technologies improve and are adopted over time. I think this is partly due to iterations on consumer devices like mobile phones, TV's with slightly improved screens or whatever. If you look at the trend, VR has been steadily growing for years and it's at the point now where it's going to really take off. Look at Oculus Quest and how well that is doing. It's getting more interest from people in the past few months than PSVR got in
  2. Alpine, I had a similar issue. I noticed that I use the desktop shortcut (standalone DCS) after link is enabled, it works first time. If I click on DCS World within Oculus Home, it starts up and closes.
  3. The elite strap does make a significant different for me. I notice some further improvement when using headphones, as it seems to pull the headset back and counterbalances the headset. I couldn't get on with the standard strap. It was okay for 30 minutes, but then it hurt my face and felt heavy. And I'd lose the sweet spot as it'd drop on my face. And playing any game where I'm moving about a lot I'd find the headset hitting my nose unless tightened to the point that it's cause discomfort. As for the cable, you can use some velcro and relieve the weight. Also put the lead through the back p
  4. Something I just found: Source: <- he works at Oculus. Further explanation here: Looks like I didn't even set mine to max...
  5. Here's some of my own thoughts about DCS World with update v23 on Quest 2. What USB are you running? Can you do a USB test in the Oculus software? I'm getting 2.9 Gbps. I run an AMD 3700X, 16 GB, Gigabyte 2070 Super and game on the SSD. I haven't looked at frame rate but I've not noticed any stuttering when using the standalone DCS World, which launches in Oculus VR mode. Are you launching game in steam VR? What is you settings in Oculus Debug Tool and your rendering resolution and frame rate set on the PC Oculus app? It's in devices > Quest 2 and under graphics preferenc
  6. You should contact Oculus support. If you've done nothing wrong, they can usually get you back on fairly quickly. I ha to scan my passport a few years ago and send to FB. Some security issue was flagged (no idea why), and I got back on within about 30 minutes. Had my account for 13 years, though.
  7. I've used the Rift S but I don't own one, so I couldn't say specifically how it was with DCS World as I never got to try it. However, as we know the Quest 2 is significantly higher in resolution (it's a significant improvement), and there's very little to no screen door effect. When you set the bitrate to at least 350, the noise or compression artifacts go away in my experience. It looks better than the Rift S, even pre-update (with some tweaking in ODT). But just altering the bitrate (pre-update) did not make it easy enough to read text in the cockpit though - even when I set SS to 1.2 in
  8. Probably should've listed my PC setup earlier, so here's what I'm running Quest 2 on: AMD 3700X,16 GB ram @ 3600 Mhz, Gigabyte 2070 Super, and an SSD. Getting 2.9 Gbps over USB using the official Link cable. Edit: Yeah, I believe these are the same lenses. :)
  9. I came from using the Rift CV1 and I was already impressed by the visual clarity and virtually no screen door effect on Q2 when I first got it (with bitrate at 350 Mbps). And now after this update, it's super clear. I can read the DDI's without zooming... the green text doesn't look blurry anymore. I can look down at the panels and can read everything. I honestly was not expecting such a jump in visual clarity from this update. Link cable can charge the headset, but the battery still drains, just very slowly. I think I was playing Onward for about 5 hours the other night and still had batte
  10. Soon as I got the update tonight on the PC Oculus app, I loaded up DCS World to see how native Quest 2 resolution looks. And wow!! Significant improvement! The update now allows you to run games over link at Quest 2's native resolution, before it was at Quest 1 resolution. So now everything in the cockpit is perfectly readable to me... I don't even have to go close up or zoom in. Spotting ground targets is now easier than ever! You need version 23 and you'll see this in the device settings: https://imgur.com/a/Y3LUVPm To enable 90 Hz, you're going to have to wait for the Quest 2 to
  11. Try ginger and mint tea :) I managed almost a solid 8 hours in DCS the other day and never felt sick at all. From what I've heard though, you want to try to increase your time in the Rift by a little more each time, but never let yourself get to the point where you feel like you're gonna throw up. Most people will adapt somewhat, but a few don't. The above two will help you last a bit longer. Also, don't play on an empty stomach or drink something that will cause nausea, for example strong green tea which contains tannins. Another suggestions: have a fan blowing at you and turn the v
  12. I can't seem to get the map / live theatre mode (F10) to display properly when using VR. I just tried now on the monitor and it works fine... When I play in VR this is what it looks like. Is it a bug? Any fix? Sometimes part of the map will just flash on and off... but it's mostly like that. Thanks
  13. I'm finding it quite difficult to spot targets on the ground. If they are road it's not nearly as difficult... but on the grass they seem to blend in with the textures and I don't see them until I almost fly over them. Even with labels on and I know there position, trying to use the TV to get a visual is proving hard. I've never actually tried DCS world without the Rift CV1... I do have a 4K monitor, maybe I should just test it out to see what the difference is... Maybe I'm just rubbish at spotting targets :p Are there any settings I should increase / decrease in the graphics to make
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