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  1. That makes sense and is something I would want too as a pilot. Knowing a threat is out there even if it’s generalized is much better than no knowledge at all.
  2. I’m pretty sure the A10 warning system has nothing to do with rwr or anything like it. I was under the impression that it detects acoustics from motor ignitions and other ground fire primarily below the aircraft. From what I remember the system was designed to detect close in SAM, surface small arms and manpad launches. Therefore, because it simply detects acoustics it can’t tell who the target is so it issues a blanket warning in the event of any detection.
  3. You just redownload reshade and go through the reinstall process. It will ask about the update during that process.
  4. It needs to go in your saved games directory for your DCS install.
  5. I was comparing the 2 with math because you made it seem like dcs has real g when it doesn’t. It uses math to simulate it which is exactly what tacview does. They use calculations based on movement and other date to arrive at a g figure. I simple said that the calculations are probably different. They still attempt to do the same thing. But like I said in my piece on Hoggit it does match or come very close. I’ve yet to see it show incorrect data when viewed from a server generated acmi rather than a client side one. When we view things for satal from the server generated acmi files they’re
  6. Just want to point this out. How do you think DCS calculates G? It does calculations. You can’t get real G in a sim. Gravity doesn’t exist. You have to calculate it. By no means am I saying DCS and Tacview get to the G result the same exact way, but they both rely on math to get there. I tested this a lot with Frantz from Tacview who checked and implemented our tool and G in Tacview is very accurate and even when it’s slightly off which is very little when it is, we added the buffer to account for this. However, when lag comes in g can get really wonky in Tacview and DCS. Therefore, Tacview is
  7. Fight for Honor - A Folds of Honor Charity Event No one is saying with the 14 that is was common or uncommon. All anyone is saying is that it shouldnt be done and bad things can happen if you do exceed those limits.
  8. Fight for Honor - A Folds of Honor Charity Event I think it’s a combination of that, the anonymity the internet provides, and the inability of a large part of humanity to simply say they don’t know the answer to something. People feel a sense of superiority imo when they provide an answer, even when it’s wrong, instead of saying they don’t. Couple that with being anonymous on the internet and makes it even easier. Since people don’t really know who you are when they do find out you’re actually wrong and full of it they can’t come punch you in the face in real life.
  9. I think so. It’s something we also enforce in SATAL, the BVR league. I believe it forces greater tactical decision making and forces pilots to evaluate decisions with more awareness due to fuel management requirements and aircraft fatigue. The last thing we want is for someone to win a fight in these competitions and then run out of fuel while calling themselves a winner. That just feels cheap and half hearted and doesn’t showcase the full scope. You’re only a winner in my book if you come back.
  10. No, lol. Any landing where the aircraft doesn’t blow up and you die is a good landing as long as it’s on the designated airfield.
  11. Because some of us use the mod structure in DCS for mod installs. I do the same thing for my sound mod.
  12. M0ltar

    SATAL 2020

    Hopefully. However it won’t start on the streaming side for about a month as we are about a month behind us on past matches.
  13. M0ltar

    SATAL 2020

    This issue has been discussed on Discord, but I am posting here for transparency.
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