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  1. Not yet, hence my asking. As soon as I reinstall DCS I will test it and report back then.:pilotfly:
  2. Is there anything similar for WMR?
  3. Does the Su-33 PG campaign still work with new updates?
  4. It's probably the motion reprojection, the game renders at 45FPS, while the rest of the frames are extrapolated by the WMR. Practically, if it shows 45FPS, you should have a solid 90 and all is good. Anyway that's the kind of performance you should expect in VR.
  5. I have a GTX2070, i7 4770 and 16GB and I have no problems in single player with a Lenovo Explorer. Never tried multiplayer though. I never bothered to check the FPS but it's smooth enough. In multiplayer you will have to lower the details for sure.
  6. If you want to save the Lenovo Explorer without controllers is often on sale for 100$. Otherwise the best at the moment is still the Odyssey Plus.
  7. There's no difference between the two, VR-wise. As said, the Lenovo is definitely the best option. You just have to install one software in Steam, unlike the Oculus, everything is already embedded in the OS.
  8. The Vive now is one of the headsets with the lowest resolution, if you get the Pro or a WMR like the Odyssey you would already see some improvement. Still, for reading instruments clearly we are not really there. The Pimax would be your best bet, and yes of course the new headsets coming out. Yes.
  9. I have a Lenovo as well and never had that problem. As Strikeeagle345 says, it's probably an issue with your headset, especially if it happens with every game.
  10. Not really, you can still use Revive.
  11. You can change the scale by modifying the IPD Distance in the VR options.
  12. Update: on mission 8 the F-117 is invincible. I don't know if it's a problem with the mission or with DCS damage model, but even after 2 R-73, 2 R-77 and cannon it doesn't go down. I double checked the track and all the missiles hit.
  13. The mission is doable even with them having a reduced payload, but yes, taking off from land is an option as well.
  14. Hi sixm, I finally managed to get around to start playing your campaign and I am loving it! I also like the fact the you didn't set all the missions at noon, so we can get some nice lighting, excellent idea. Anyway, I just found a bug in mission 4. Since the updated flight model the Su-33 cannot take off from the carrier with a full load, so they just sink right away. They need 50% fuel and only 6 or so missiles.
  15. As others have said, the change is not that substantial. As of now the Odyssey Plus is probably the best, or if you are willing to take a bit of a gamble, but try the only headset that is technically much better, go for the Pimax. Also, if you only play sims or also VR games with the controllers makes a difference.
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