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  1. am trying to increase use of the ARK-9 system but was wondering what the various radio beacon are on the mission map for like AP, AN, N, P, AH....dont get it regards Ian
  2. Hi all, I'm quit new to building missions and have a question. How can i reactivate a downed pilot that was just picked up by a pilot and is returned to base. So after embarking the soldier at base the situation should be reactivated again. Like do i need to place some kind of spawn point ? regards Ian TAW_Helicopter_training.zip
  3. Hi all, In the past i was able to run a dedicated server. After not playing DCS for 5 months and an update from 1.5.4. to 1.5.5 am not able to list nor connect my server anymore these days. stats: Ziggo Horizon router dcs 1.5.5 on windows 10 firewall is off port 10308 is open local server ip is set to static in router I can connect to both apps through local ip but not through internet. It seems more people are having this issue ...any ideas how to solve this ? *update* Called the provider and they are sending a separate modem regards Ian
  4. hi there, i have everything set up for R-863 but i only get Interphone menu. Can someone provide me with a basic check maybe i overlooked something. Am using the shortcut for Radio Trigger - RADIO aa got it was "MIKE" selector regards Ian
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