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  1. When closing the Canopy, and then Jettison'ing it, you can still "open it", or atleast the Sound comes up when opening it. I see it as an common bug tho...
  2. Yea, I'm just stup!d and didn't look on other Pages on the Forum. :doh:
  3. So... maybe write the Number here? Had Issues with that specific Training too.
  4. Well, the Viggen has the Aim-9 in their Weapon Codes. Probably the Aim-9 was used for the Rb24, that's how I can read it out of the "DCS\CoreMods\aircraft\AJS37\Entry\Weapons.lua"
  5. Well, if you could bring it in at some point, atleast not "two weeks", that'd be great.
  6. I didn't see them while checking the .lua's and such. May not be an Aerobatic-Aircraft, but still, why not? I edited the Loadout yesterday for the Viggen to have Smokepods, they are attached in-game, but you can't activate them, since the Action in the Controls is missing. ("Smoke" = "T")
  7. Why does the Viggen do NOT have Smoke generators or rather Smokewinders? Makes me somewhat sad as an Aerobatic-Pilot.
  8. I have a Problem with the Textures of the "Lightpoles" on Airfields. The Light itself is there, but it is floating. Vanilla: (Thanks to Barthek for the Picture, creator of Barthek's GTM 7) GTM 7: (my Pic) Greets, Daniel.
  9. GER | z0ck3y - M-2000C or F-15C, preferably the Mirage.
  10. Zoomed in: Zoomed out: I actually showed him this bug firstly.
  11. Not all Airplanes are Clickable Cockpits, not even the A-10A. A-10A, Su-27, F-15C, these are FC3 Planes and do NOT have an Clickable Cockpit. Could you link that Video? Not sure bout the Su-33 atm tho. The P-51 Mustang (and the TF-51D too) have Clickable Cockpits. Mind-Kicker: Every FC3 doesn't have an Clickable Cockpit, AFAIR. (btw: currently got the Mirage 2000C, my first clickable Cockpit Plane, and absolutely love it ^^)
  12. It's gone again. I don't have any reason for it, and can never recreate the issue.
  13. Okay, goddamit, it occured again today. But this time I had a reinstalled Windows, so completely fresh! Won't work again, with a FRESH INSTALLED WINDOWS!
  14. Okay... Requested an other IP for my Server from the Router... it did work wat
  15. Did all that now... nothing. Tried to import the Firewall from my Gaming PC... nothing. i don't know what to do anymore
  16. Im trying to repair DCS on both Machines with the DCS_Updater.exe, maybe it'll help and it will find something. EDIT: Didn't help, but I fixed the "Problem" with the not-Animated Background by just switching the theme and switching back.
  17. Okay, got 3 Logs collected now. Server PC with UPnP disabled and NO Ports forwarded: Server PC with UPnP Disabled and Ports forwarded: Gaming PC with UPnP disabled and no Ports forwarded: As always, I marked the NET Entries, which are responsible for the server.
  18. I'm even getting different Main Screens on both Machines. On the Gamer PC I get a "Screenshot" showing a Sunset with a Runway and the Server showing the animated Cloud Background... Could this be an issue or is just the animated disabled on the Gamer PC (for some Reason)?
  19. I will try both, just to see, what works! Thanks again for your Huge Help!
  20. AFAIK I still have the Steam Version installed... I might try that too...
  21. Mission is selected... don't know why it doesn't work anymore now...
  22. Okay, f*ck. Now I can't even start the Server anymore. I go onto "Multiplayer" then "New Server" and then "Start" and it jumps back to the Main Screen... LOG: The marked Entries (bold) really weird me out... That has to do something with it, doesn't it? Log from my Gaming PC: Here Ports are failing to create BUT it creates the Server on the Public IP, am I right?
  23. Port is open, had a friend even to check. We don't use IPv6, so that won't be it. Gaming PC is "*.42", Server is "*.27" Ports are forwarded to *.27 - IP set Static in the Router. What I still don't understand... Why does the Server open the two Ports again in UPnP, although they aren't open!? :helpsmilie:
  24. That's even really weird... I have the ports forwarded to the Server... The Server creates additional UPnP Ports... No ports forwarded to the Gaming PC, no creating of additional UPnP Ports Now I am totally confused, what? O.o
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