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  1. When closing the Canopy, and then Jettison'ing it, you can still "open it", or atleast the Sound comes up when opening it. I see it as an common bug tho...
  2. Yea, I'm just stup!d and didn't look on other Pages on the Forum. :doh:
  3. So... maybe write the Number here? Had Issues with that specific Training too.
  4. Well, the Viggen has the Aim-9 in their Weapon Codes. Probably the Aim-9 was used for the Rb24, that's how I can read it out of the "DCS\CoreMods\aircraft\AJS37\Entry\Weapons.lua"
  5. Well, if you could bring it in at some point, atleast not "two weeks", that'd be great.
  6. I didn't see them while checking the .lua's and such. May not be an Aerobatic-Aircraft, but still, why not? I edited the Loadout yesterday for the Viggen to have Smokepods, they are attached in-game, but you can't activate them, since the Action in the Controls is missing. ("Smoke" = "T")
  7. Why does the Viggen do NOT have Smoke generators or rather Smokewinders? Makes me somewhat sad as an Aerobatic-Pilot.
  8. I have a Problem with the Textures of the "Lightpoles" on Airfields. The Light itself is there, but it is floating. Vanilla: (Thanks to Barthek for the Picture, creator of Barthek's GTM 7) GTM 7: (my Pic) Greets, Daniel.
  9. GER | z0ck3y - M-2000C or F-15C, preferably the Mirage.
  10. Zoomed in: Zoomed out: I actually showed him this bug firstly.
  11. Not all Airplanes are Clickable Cockpits, not even the A-10A. A-10A, Su-27, F-15C, these are FC3 Planes and do NOT have an Clickable Cockpit. Could you link that Video? Not sure bout the Su-33 atm tho. The P-51 Mustang (and the TF-51D too) have Clickable Cockpits. Mind-Kicker: Every FC3 doesn't have an Clickable Cockpit, AFAIR. (btw: currently got the Mirage 2000C, my first clickable Cockpit Plane, and absolutely love it ^^)
  12. It's gone again. I don't have any reason for it, and can never recreate the issue.
  13. Okay, goddamit, it occured again today. But this time I had a reinstalled Windows, so completely fresh! Won't work again, with a FRESH INSTALLED WINDOWS!
  14. Okay... Requested an other IP for my Server from the Router... it did work wat
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