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  1. Just tried what you asked, I could make the Rocker switch as you described. :/
  2. Hi, Just about to retire my T-Flight HOTAS with a Warthog on the way. It isn't compatible to use with the T.A.R.G.E.T software, that's only for the Warthog and T16000. Otherwise you can assign the rocker switch as an axis so far as i know. I haven't had any luck in configuring it as a button, as you mentioned it re-centres itself. As an alternative you can configure the rocker switch as a modifier. On the other hand (this could be a long shot) you could try and "reverse" the rocker switch maybe? So as it returns back to centre it might try and do what you are trying to accomplish? Trial and error I guess is what you'll have to do going forward. I have the left ALT, SHIFT and Ctrl buttons assigned together with my POV Hat switch working the radar and target designator, which does the job. Hopefully somebody else might be able to chime in who also has the T-Flight HOTAS. Best of luck.
  3. Never heard of this film sadly. Any good? Hopefully Razbam would get it done :) Looking at their FSX/P3D line of products still makes me think about "only if they were in DCS as well". The F-15E would be another perfect fit into DCS for sure, everybody would fall in love with it by learning as you go along. This reminds me of the Jane's Combat Simulations F-15, that brings back some fond memories during the 1998-1999 days of combat simming. Along with Fighters Anthology on the side :cry::joystick:
  4. I agree with the aspect of how hardcore this Tiger is. As long as you stay alive, having to land back at base or divert to your nearest alternate will keep you well trained, not to mention your landings. But especially making almost every missile and gun ammo count I am not yet a proud owner of the Tiger yet, watching the content on youtube, quite amazed to see everybodies take on the legendary fighter. I can't wait to get my hands on it :)
  5. I regretfully wanted to inform whoever the pilot on Reds side last night whom I shot down as a friendly kill with my AIM9P. I had a good tone growling in my headset, but the bandit was outside my HUD to get a confirmation on IFF. There were two other enemy bandits within the area whom I was chasing one, but lost him in the valleys. Again really sorry whoever you were. Overall loads of fun flights were had :)
  6. Well, not sure if this thread is anyway active. Over the past several weeks I have been getting my own issues of a bit of lag here and there on Multiplayer (mainly whenever somebody enters/leaves the server), but the main issues for me was the constant stutter only on multiplayer. It was very prominent while moving on the ground and while in the air making quick movements, i.e aileron roll etc. It was almost unplayable as it was all I was focused on. Although single-player was buttery smooth no problems there. My system is overlocked to 4.3ghz. You can see my system specs in my signature. The BCLK speed was running at the stock 100mhz. I have another saved overclock profile which is at around 4.1ghz, and realised that BCLK speed was at 103mhz. Turns out, if I had it at 100mhz on multiplayer the odd stutter would come into play. If i switched it over to 103mhz, it was as smooth as single-player, but of course taking into account that on multiplayer there's a lot going on, and player constantly entering and leaving the server. Was quite an odd but interesting discovery. Today was the third day I was finally able to fly on multiplayer 1.5.3 without any issues anymore and enjoying DCS again. Hope this might give others some insight. Cheers
  7. A-6 Intruder, EA6B Prowler or A7E Corsair since they're already available for FSX. Would be great to see them in DCS one day.
  8. Cheers for your reply Neoshi. A harsh lesson for all of us who own Saitek products. The only way for Saitek to depart the Flight simming arena is for us (the consumers) to say a big NO NO NO to their products. In the mean time it would be interesting to hear what your alternatives are for your pedals, as who knows down the line somebody else with similar issues to your might encounter. For mines, I think my Saitek pedals are on a timer as well :/
  9. Hey neoshi, Damn! That's a kick in the teeth and stomach and the crown jewels all in one swipe. How long did you have yours for? I still have my Saitek rudder pedals, but its the Cessna's, pretty much the same as the Combat pedals. Did they say why they couldn't compensate you for the difference? As for a replacement, as your were offered the Saitek pro flight pedals, don't think there are anymore other better replacements apart from maybe the newer Thrustmaster pedals which were recently released, or if you have £$ saved up seems like the crosswinds are the way to go. Although they take some months to get through as they are hand made. CH pedals are another great alternative as the quality will serve you for the years to come. Hope you do get something sorted. I've a mate who's got the combat pedals as well, but they are working ok for him; so far.
  10. Just wanted to say, loving the server as I am still quite a newbie in terms of DCS. Been having a blast on on Open Conflict, great work Mirknir :) I just wanted some suggestions if any; I've been having a few timeouts when I joined, or shortly after I just spawn into an A/C (aircraft) I get the timeout error. Then shortly after I "refresh" the server list to find that there's say 21/25 in. Rejoin, then get another timeout, then same procedure "refresh" and then the server is full 25/25/ Would there be some kind of conflict with numerous players joining around the sametime whenever that error pops up? Regards
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