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  1. Yes I know, but I the gun piper like the One in the Hornet is still missing, right?
  2. The Viper has a gun piper for air combat, right? It is implemented (if so, how you actívate it?) or we are going to have to wait for new updates?
  3. Yes! I set the right airfield frequencies and use the Communication menu and the radio button, with no any luck. I don't even heard or see the text of my pilot when I hit the F1,F2, etc keys. But the important thing is that if for you guys everything works fine then is something in my computer. I'm going to try to uninstall and re-install the module to see if that fix the problem. Thanks anyway!
  4. I have the same problem, can't contact tower or any other flight, not even the ground crew. For example i'm following step by step the cold start tutorial but when i press me mic to contact tower an chose the correct "F" option nothing happens. I remember not have any trouble with radio comunications long time ago with this plane. It's a bug or something in the procedure change?
  5. First of all I want to congratulate Razbam team for bringing to DCS two of the most amazing modules. Great choice I must say, both modules are modern aircraft that could fit in current scenarios and new theatres in development. The incorporation of extra units with the Harrier (Tawara, Kc-130) is very appreciated, it shows you care about playability and immersion (A French tanker for the Mirage would complement that modules perfectly:music_whistling:). Also the time and knowledge invested in both modules could be used for other versions of those planes, I think a Mirage III is already in Development and I also would be very please to pay for a Sea Harrier. Nevertheless I have a slightly concern, although I already notice that many of the bugs are been resolved in the Mirage and I quite sure the remaining will follow in both modules I don`t see new keybinds been ad as an option. For example to change radio frecuencies in the Mirage witch is extremely difficult to do using the mouse in VR. I think you should take the example of the F-5 and the Gazelle in this case, where we even have the choice to bind lights, volume knobs, etc. not only to key but to axis as well. Anyway quite sure I’m a future customer for all your incoming modules. Best regards,
  6. Simple question: does anyone know how to change the speech language of the pilots , ATC, etc? Enviado desde mi FL8006 mediante Tapatalk
  7. Looks quite perfect! Just what I was looking for. Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone, I would like to ask if anyone in this community has ever made a lifeboat model, something like this: http://www.portlandpudgy.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/doekdusseldorf-square6in.jpg or http://www.liferafts.asia/image/data/liferaft/rfd-surviva-liferaft-id-liferafts.asia-en-f.png I’m starting to fly the Mi-8 and realize that this chopper can land al the sea. A simple static model of a lifeboat would be great to add immersion to search and rescue missions at sea. Thanks in advance for any reply.
  9. Same problem here!! Can someone from ED confirm the % discount for those campaigns?
  10. So, if you don t want to downgrade your game settings, updating de video card is the way to go? An i7 6700 can handle Dcs is Vr?
  11. Hi, I think I have a pretty decent rig, nevertheless I would like to know if I could improve the frame rates using the oculus rift at 1.8 pixel density. Most of the time I get 45 FPS or below if I Fly over a large city, 90 fps only if I fly above 20000 feet of altitude in a sunny day! Where is the bottle neck in my system? Should I improve my CPU or my GPU? Could overclocking help? Here's my system specs: Processor: Intel ® Core I7-6700 @3.40 ghz RAM 32 GB Window 10 64 bit GPU: Zotac GTX 980 Corsair H80IGT Thank for any advice!
  12. I found the answer to my own question. Sorry! But if anyone else have the same trouble here you have the answer. Go to controls and where you select the plane or helicopter to asign the keys, at the bottom you will find UI layer where you can select toggle vr zoom.
  13. Please can someone tell me how to zoom in/out in VR? Thanks,
  14. Vicx, Thanks for your reply! It will help me to find the problem i have. I think the problem is the power supply unit. I disconnect a bunch of usb devices that i have (home made cockpit) left with essential Stick, Rudder and Throttle an was able to fly almost an hour without any issue. Just to be sure can you recommend me an app to graph the heating and perhaps power supply crashes?
  15. I just got my oculus rift yesterday, the main purpose to use it in DCS. It's amazing but i keep getting constant computer crashes with DCS using the rift. My computer restart randomly. I have an I7 6700k + GTX 980 with window 10 pro. I also have A corsair H80 cooling system. I check the software of the cooling system a few second after the computer crash an cpu core temperatures are about 30 ºC and GPU about 60 ºC, I don´t think this is a overheating problem. Does anyone have similar problems? Does this have to be about being still beta? Thanks for any reply.
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