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  1. Hi all, as of yesterdays update, I had constant crash on loading situation. I did repair, cleanup,fxo and metashader folder delete. nothing worked. I finally fixed it by reverting a version, launching the game, then updated to current version and it loaded. I sent several crash reports, so they can be disregarded. must have been a corrupted file or something, as I updated yesterday, but did not try to play till today. Strange, anyway I just wanted to pass this on if someone else the same problem.
  2. I just updated my computer yesterday to windows 10 from 7 for free, so it works still. the first screen afterwards was setting of telemetry, I turned most of them off. it was surprisingly easy
  3. Hi, The thing to remember is the minimum maneuvering speed is 150 knots, and P-47 weighs almost 7 tons. it gets really mushy(sluggish) under 230 Kn with a clean configuration. also it IS a stick and rudder aircraft! meaning it does not want to fly coordinated turns naturally, the opposite rudder is counter-intuitive, and depending on power settings, can be extreme, but just remember to keep the ball centered with the rudder. Practice flat 90 degree break turns at 275 Kn, first one axis at a time; gently, as the controls are more sensitive the faster you go, meaning roll, then pull gently, to
  4. hi, I got a chance to fly a little while this weekend, and the flashes are back
  5. Hi I just wanted to say I just flew online on LDFMs The Channel server earlier and there were no yellow and black flashes as were described earlier. there were however some stutters, not terrible, but very noticeable.
  6. I started flight sims in the mid to late 90's with Air warrior, (which then became Aces hi). but my computer barley would run it, so I gave it a rest for a few years. I got a new computer in the mid 2000's tried Aces hi again for a few years and had a blast. I was not really into modern stuff, WWII was my preference. and the other sims just lacked the "i'm flying an airplane" feel. I did a search for flight sims and DCS appeared. the TF-51 was available free so I tried it and was blown away. I had always heard how hard the BF-109 was so hard to fly and take off and land and the DCS 109 was re
  7. thanks, I try to help as much as I can, I just wish I had more spare time to help more.
  8. I emptied any shader folders I could find, and the issue is still present.
  9. thanks for the tip, I will try when I get home from work. I have deleted fxo and metadata folders, but not this one and my driver is up to date it said. thanks again.
  10. O.k., so I got home and had no internet. So I did a test in offline mode for giggles. The issue is present in offline mode too. By the time I was done that, my internet was back, so i did two tests online in single player, on channel map, the instant action P-51 vs A-8 furball mission, then logged on the Havoc Syria server. for some reason I never did actually get in an aircraft, however, the issue was still present in the menu/ role page,and I was stuck looking at a FARP, and the flashes were still there. Here are the debriefs, tracks and logs ( I kept them as short as possible). By the
  11. Hi, I am experiencing this bug too. I am at work at the moment, I will make a track when I get home this evening. I have seen bug on Channel, PG, Caucasus, Normandy,and Syria. WWII, modern,
  12. thank you for the info! I am going to try tonight on a homemade mission, It seems as misc. failures is enabled in that instant action mission. I may be wrong about that, but I had a failure of some kind in each of the 3 missions I flew last night. ( may it was me) I never had an engine stall like that, the prop stop, then nose down and the prop started spinning and the engine started back up, but ran like it was starved of fuel. but it really put me in a "land at nearest airfield" mode.
  13. I swear my fuel strainer got plugged up, man it ran bad... lol. Normandy instant action dogfight. talk about pucker factor. was still fun, I was not expecting the engine to stall.. dora flight.trk
  14. Hi, I may be able to, I was on the LFDM server, on the channel map last night(-5z) so they may have a tacveiw of it. I have been looking in the manual to try to find the engine operating limits, however I cant find where it gives a MW-50 limitation anymore. if my memory is correct, it seems to me it was 10 mins. on and 5 mins. off, and then 10 on again, but I am not sure. I will keep checking. one thing too, I decrease throttle just a little in the turn, as it turns a lot better, so MW-50 is not on constantly... I have a track of last night, but I cant post it , it is too long.
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