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  1. Is the mission saved on a PC where Easy Comms are enabled? That can force it on on the server, trough the mission (not the misson options in ME).
  2. Came across site with charts for sovereign land and maritime limits. https://sovereignlimits.com/boundaries/cyprus-united-kingdom-maritime
  3. Maybe dont use it atm and wait for ED to release the fog intended to go with the new cloud system?
  4. You pretty much listed all the reasons why I want one.
  5. Just keep it simple. Poke your head outside, and just apply the visual asphyxiation effect already in the game. Blur, fade, desaturate etc. and after 5 seconds or something, black out. But fade back fast, when back inside the boundary. No head movement restrictions, no instant black out. It'll only disorientate and make it very tough to correct the movement, and not to mention motion sickness. Checking six is already tough enough in VR, no need to restrict it further by stopping motion and what not, when trying to get a glimpse back there in the narrow pits, and accidentally hitting the canopy.
  6. There are those that use keyboard and mouse, and there are those that have spent gazillions on high end controlers. There are those sitting with a single 17" 4:3 monitor, and there are those with ginormous multiple projector setups and homecockpits, with true FOV. There are those with old underpowered hardware and old low res/FOV VR headsets, and there are those with state of the art high end hardware at the latest and greatest VR hi-res hi-FOV headsets. There are those that can barely pull 25 fps out of there system at lowest possible settings, and there are those that can do 100 fps at the highest settings. Now lets pull all the stops on leveling the playing field from any sort of minimal 'advantage' one virtual pilot might have over another, cause some people just cant handle being shot down from time to time. Must be a hardware advantage or exploit that is the reason.
  7. If they were to Frankenstein the F-5E-3 in DCS, then I'd like a aerial refueling probe please.
  8. Im with you on this. As I mentioned in another VR head movement restriction obsession thread, I would stop playing in VR instantly if this shit got enforced, maybe even altogether cause I love VR. I get motion sick fast from anything that moves my virtual head (except when I ask for it), or stops its movement - yes I have tried it in another flight sim and in a racing simulator. These strange obsessions with imaginery multiplayer balance. Wanna restrict framerates too? There are people out there having all the bells and whistles on at a smooth 100 fps, while there are others that run lowest possible settings and barely maintain 25 fps. Lets enforce a 25 fps framecap with low visual range shall we?
  9. Tried it, and it was very intrusive and nausea inducing, and I never get motion sick in VR.. well except that time. Horrible. If that shit got forced on, I would stop playing in VR, instantly.
  10. Cant give you exact information, but have a dig around these: http://www.easternorbat.com/html/soviet_34th_tactical_air_army_.html http://www.easternorbat.com/html/baku_air_defence_district_in_71.html This link contains tonnes of information, but you have to dig it out. It will show the history of regiments etc, where they were attached and so on. https://www.ww2.dk/new/newindex.htm So you can do google site search on cities. For example: Mozdok site:www.ww2.dk
  11. Unchanged here also. Still only around 60% of the performance I get on any other map, low level in their detailed areas.
  12. Or just have it run in the background. Many hours of NTTR scanner audio. https://www.youtube.com/user/pdgls/videos Edit: This one for example is the one I use personally.
  13. - A lot more good content in that channel.
  14. Btw. Same file can be used for the Huey and Ka-50 too, just in their respective location. Not tried the Hind, so cant say.
  15. Im not so sure about my breaking IC claim, cause on every game start since the IC hasnt been triggered.
  16. For that exact reason, its very inconvenient for me, and if you really need to know I have a muscle disease that fatiques the muscles quick, so looking /glancing up for longer periods, or often, is not always good. Sideways or down is much better. But I managed to move it, and Edit: Might break IC. Did it the first time I started the game with the changes, but since then it doesnt trigger IC. CargoIndcator_page.lua goes into: ..\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\Mi-8MTV2\Cockpit\Scripts\CargoIndicator CargoIndicator_page.lua
  17. Wondering if trough some file hacking, it would be possible to move the cargo indicator in VR without breaking IC?
  18. You are aware that only about 6% of all Steam users run cards with more than 8Gb right? And that number is probably not that different outside Steam. And this is not a Vram problem, its something else. Even when the fps is decent in 2D it runs bad (choppy, micro stutters, heavy stutters, anything but smooth). To me that indicates a overload of materials and probably huge textures. But thats just guessing. What I do know is that it runs bad compared to any other map in the game, even at the lowest possible settings (just to test in 2D). But if you are saying this is what we have to expect going forward, then ouf. Edit: Sorted some word rubbish.
  19. Yea its bad. Id say about 50-60% of the performance I get on Syria map, VR.
  20. Well, I know what I'll be doing on this fine sunny warm day. I'll be neck deep in the Mission Editor. Thank you @LetMePickThat .
  21. So pretty please, with sugar on top.
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