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  1. Wow, just wow. Thank you so much for this, Reflected. Stunning.
  2. Merry X-mas to you too. Fantastic news.
  3. Hand it over. I need to read my kneeboard! Excellent addition. Hard to give feedback without trying it, but if I can run it on a two viewport setup with different resolutions (1440p, with a 1080p monitor below, using different FOV's and some bezel correction), then I'll be as happy as can be.
  4. Dont know if the cause, but we have noticed desync, long server freeze, when hitting static objects. Also their score goes mental, so it is as if they are counted numerous times.
  5. +1 ED, please. Across the board, including 3rd party developers.
  6. Despite being a huge F-16 fan since almost forever, here in DCS having flown both, I prefer the Hornet on the stick. Dont like how the F-16 feels, that large low sensitivity zone around the center, that isnt even identical on both axis. Really didnt like how that felt, and I tried for a month (free month) to curve it and not, and just couldnt get used to it. Had it been more linear on both axis, then I might have picked the 16.
  7. I can handle slow development, as long as things are moving forward, Im fine with it. I had no issues or panic about the EA label coming off the Harrier, cause its coming off the Hornet later this year too, yet the Hornet will still see plenty of features coming after EA. So EA label off didnt mean it was a finished product. But that doesnt apply to the Harrier, its considered complete?? Now that is very confusing, and incredibly disappointing. Its actually taking the piss.
  8. Im assuming that was a multiplayer playback? Do we know who calculates the missile? The shooter? All clients? The server? And if its a dedicated server, does it have the terrain collision? And what was the latency? If its the shooter that handles the missile, where were you in his world at the time when the missile dives after you? Free line of sight? Goes for server handles missile too. Seen ground units snap in position when getting hit? Does that mean they were some where else and server corrected it? Followed other players bombs down? They rarely hit anything in your end, while they have a
  9. Can just have a look at ED's own Hornet roadmap, regarding out of EA. Plenty of items still coming after Early Access. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4300736&postcount=185
  10. Im seeing this too. Is as old as 2.5 is. In your case with shadows off, then any low angle sun behind you will cause these milky windows. With shadows on, its less visible, but can still happen.
  11. +1 Its basically all the bits and bops that would truly separate the Super Carrier module from the ordinary Stennis, that are missing.
  12. On your VTB (radar screen) flip the switch labeled RAZ (lower left) up.
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