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  1. Dont think that made it into OB. Nothing here, and a search on 'Mig-21_CP.edm.lua' gives no result. In ..\Mods\aircraft\MIG-21bis\Shapes its only the Mig-21_CP.edm file.
  2. Im a big fan of the 2.7 sounds. Cant base any of that on real life experiences, I just like the way it sounds. More immersive for me.
  3. Im not, about half that, just came to see the relic .
  4. Well Im guessing new modules will fall under this too, so try the Hind, Apache etc, before buying. So can give it a go and see if the given state of EA meets personal requirements, and then try again in 6 months later if it didnt, and see how it is then.
  5. Thank you Eagle Dynamics for this new Free to Play system .
  6. Not a solution to your 'single' screen FOV problem, but is it possible to couple two screens as one in Mosaic (the two on the left, two in front, two on the right), so you can boil it down to running 3 viewports in DCS. That should free up some performance compared to 6 viewports (can imagine that being a huge framehog). And please do keep us posted with this setup, cause damn!
  7. @hornblower793I need to keep an eye on that. I think random, and I cant say if its limited to a given cloud preset, or cloud preset type, or time of day, or cloud preset + time of day etc. I'll keep a lookout.
  8. I see these black objects too, in VR. They are flashing for just a single frame or so though, and only at a few per hour, so not very frequent.
  9. Its storage space for the Armée de l'air pilot emergency kit.
  10. You could always add CTLD beacons trough ME. -- Creates a radio beacon on a random UHF - VHF and HF/FM frequency for homing -- This WILL NOT WORK if you dont add beacon.ogg and beaconsilent.ogg to the mission!!! -- e.g. ctld.createRadioBeaconAtZone("beaconZone","red", 1440,"Waypoint 1") will create a beacon at trigger zone "beaconZone" for the Red side -- that will last 1440 minutes (24 hours ) and named "Waypoint 1" in the list of radio beacons
  11. Nah, I ran with no exclusions, then tried with when you mentioned it, and since no change, I removed them again. A while later I wanted to check if the list would populate quicker (in the background) if I ticked Favorites, and thats when I discovered that main lobby populated fast suddenly. Then tried with exclusions again (still fast), and with exclusions removed (still fast). So dunno. No Windows restarts between all this though.
  12. @Flappie I dont know if anything was changed in the background just now, cause my server list is populating very fast now. 150+ servers per second, and continues with that until the list is fully populated 8 or so seconds later. Still getting cpu hits (tracking and mouse freeze), but with the speed it populates its not a big problem, cause as soon as the its done, everything is smooth again.
  13. Yea its bad in VR. Excluding DCS from anti-virus doesnt help. Forgot to mention, that ticking Favorites, I get a list of about 10 servers, and the lobby becomes fully responsive again. Even when coming from a super laggy lobby.
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