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  1. Correct, and the time frame more importantly. Things are not always easy here in these lock down times, so simply wondering about a time frame.
  2. Just wondering how much wiggle room I will have. When is 2.7 due, is it the planned update on Jan 27? Is it in February, March, when? And will DCS just bang stop working with 2.7, or is it more a question of, might not, and with further updates chances are more and more will be broken etc?
  3. Place mouse cursor where you want it, and hit CTLR+Y (either). Will pop up a new window with various coordinate formats. - Which I btw hope will make it to the F10 map too.
  4. Well put. I cant believe they havent jumped on this yet.
  5. Are they all 3 the exact same monitors? Different panels have different input lag (time it takes for it to process the signal from the graphics card and display it).
  6. Same here, Persian Gulf and Syria map. Have had luck with moving some ships to a different pier and they would sit as I put them, but mostly they just point north, often resulting in them hitting the pier, getting damage and even exploding. And often they are also invisible, and only their shadows are visible. This still happens after the 23rd hotfix.
  7. To those of you involved in this Mod, thank you .
  8. Wow, just wow. Thank you so much for this, Reflected. Stunning.
  9. Merry X-mas to you too. Fantastic news.
  10. Hand it over. I need to read my kneeboard! Excellent addition. Hard to give feedback without trying it, but if I can run it on a two viewport setup with different resolutions (1440p, with a 1080p monitor below, using different FOV's and some bezel correction), then I'll be as happy as can be.
  11. Dont know if the cause, but we have noticed desync, long server freeze, when hitting static objects. Also their score goes mental, so it is as if they are counted numerous times.
  12. +1 ED, please. Across the board, including 3rd party developers.
  13. Despite being a huge F-16 fan since almost forever, here in DCS having flown both, I prefer the Hornet on the stick. Dont like how the F-16 feels, that large low sensitivity zone around the center, that isnt even identical on both axis. Really didnt like how that felt, and I tried for a month (free month) to curve it and not, and just couldnt get used to it. Had it been more linear on both axis, then I might have picked the 16.
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