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  1. I have a mission thats been fine for over a year,,,just noticed that the Carriers sporn as normal...but do not follow their waypoints. Tried moving them to deeper water...helped 1...but not 2 more...talking about...nowhere near any coast...middle of the sea ! Is this a new Bug on the Gulf map ? I have been working on the Channel map...could have happened after last update
  2. I reccon that is very possible...fingers crossed, thanx Oban
  3. Is it possible to get an idea when the Island of Cyprus will be added to the Syria map..thanx
  4. We so Badly need WW2 naval combat ships...and an Allied Submarine.
  5. Can anyone tell me where exactly the RAT script.lua file can be found ? this is the one that we need to load on mission start
  6. Hi, Glad your snag is sorted, to help the GPU, make your case fans work harder as well...case fans are cheap..so push as much cool air in as possible, you will benefit your entire rig...happy flying
  7. 1.I have a mission where Troops can be transported. Every time I exit DCS...the box "transportable" unticks...any idea why. 2. When I host the mission, I get the full F menu and can load the troops...But any other player who joins cannot, same slot, etc. If my buddy hosts...He can Troop, and I then cannot. Any ideas and fixes for this wierd situation.
  8. With the upgrade ...its going to be a great Heli...still fun as is.
  9. I agreed with the suggestions...Intel R Extreme ...is easy to use for safe OC. I have the same CPU and run it at 4.8mhz with a Kraken X52...temps are around 65 under max loads. Try Process Lasso as well, I found using it has helped DCS.
  10. Look at it this way....your new Hardware will keep you sorted for a long time. Do as much research on how far you can Very safely OC your CPU, try to get up to around 4,5Mhz...without bad core temp spikes etc.I suggest Intel R Extreme tuning for this. Then I also suggest using Process Lasso to help your build Focus on running the DCS.exe process and files. For a GPU ...Unless you can drop 1000 bucks on a 2080ti OC...I strongly suggest a 1080ti. The ti cards are just much better, and a 1080ti still holds its own against the next gen cards . If you just go up to a 980ti...you will have a Big im
  11. I have NO Mods, Not Overclocked, but I am sure almost every ones Crash file will be a Copy and Paste...the whole MP community has been nailed by the last 2 patches.
  12. I AGREE....but VR is catching up...however, in my opinion unless you fork out for a 2080ti...Screen and Track IR5 is a winner
  13. I was Hosting last night, my buddies could keep flying, server stayed on line...my PC had a total Freeze...Also having the same issues all after the last 2 patches. Even without looking at Dump files etc, this is clearly an issue directly related to last "Updates"...not our installs or Hardware...EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING !!
  14. Hi, I am glad to see that you have also seen this, Not glad that these issues are with us. I really hope ED is on top of this, Its frustrating to see progress with certain modules or weapons etc...but the list of really BASIC snags in Mission editor just grows. Fingers crossed someone is tasked to sort this. I am very involved is mission design , with my main focus on the Gulf. Friends and I fly together when I host...
  15. When AI Transport and Bombers that are programmed in the Mission editor to take off from Runway Sporn when the Server is online...they dont take off as programmed, but start from dispersal or a taxyway. No problem here, However on reaching the threshold and turning onto the runway or turning from a backtrack...they get STUCK, and do not take off. Its hapening at Fujaira and a few other runways as well. Any Ideas?
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