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  1. Yep got it ! Another thought relative to your "issue" : "which sometimes results in bandits spawning on top of you". Here a working example of a little routine script I just wrote to create a spawnpoint for foe aircraft that is always 40km away minimum of any blue aircraft present in the session. Maybe you'll want to try if interesting. (here code + little testing .miz) function spawnFoe() local FoeSpawnZone = trigger.misc.getZone('Zone')-- ('Zone ' .. mist.random(10)) if 10 zones from 'Zone 1' to 'Zone 10' if trigger.misc.getUserFlag("1") == 0 then trigger.action.setUserFlag("1",
  2. True - it works. I must have done it in wrong order when trying.
  3. Let's try to post again the .miz file... (Moderators... sorry if it represents an issue... ) (prohibit-AA-combat working by using "Do script" trigger) Edit : nope... still doesn't work test-prohibit-AA.miz
  4. For anyone wanting to continue using a non-valid loadout in single player, it is not an issue at all. Making a weapon available on a pylon is a matter of adding a short line code in lua file. (I like having a 4 Harms equiped SEAD wingman when range is not an issue, since times when it was not available in DCS). But even without any lua change, and since actually in openBeta 4 Harms are available for F16c50, just make a loadout profile with the weapons you like and it will still be available when 4 Harms for Viper will be removed. For example in picture I kept an old F18c loadou
  5. Hi, just a thought, you could use two circle zones forming a banana shape, 1 is zone IN and 2 is zone OUT (spawn inside zone 1 but outside zone 2, to have a large array of spawn azimuths accross the banana shape, of the size you want)
  6. It's true I've just tried to use "no reaction" in the "triggered action" tab and it has an effect - while it has no effect if used in "advanced" waypoint/Nav tab or by scripting command. (since a while I only use scripts for my usage) But at this moment it seems to be off (latest openBeta), regarding description (No Reaction: No defensive actions will take place to counter threats). I used it in the mission file I tried to post (unavailable ?) and the effect was that the P47 just abort bombing task at the moment the action is triggered - enemy fighter was still far away (exactly de
  7. Ignore my previous post I wrote (edit) wrong things. Description of "prohibit-AA-combat" is clear (no AA combat even if engaged), and in fact this option doesn't work from Mission Editor, but works if scripted function to set this option is used. Here a .miz example that is working with scripted function (P47 is bombing a bridge - he is engaged before dropping bombs. If not shot down too early he successfully drops his bombs but in no case he engages AA combat). It is a bug related to mission editor function. I don't know for the "no reaction to threat" option (it doesn't seem to wor
  8. before accessing group/unit you should check if exist/alive with : if Group.getByName(groupName) and Group.getByName(groupName):isExist() == true and #Group.getByName(groupName):getUnits() > 0 then or if Unit.getByName(unitName) and Unit.getByName(unitName):isExist() == true then
  9. IMHO the actual AI behavior regarding "no reaction" or "forbid air-air engagement" is understandable. I mean AI respects that (even when detecting close range enemy fighters, AI will stick to its bombing task for example) until it is directly engaged - in this case "intelligence" dictate to react to avoid dying ^^. This is what I see and understand from some tests.
  10. You can use "radio transmission" action trigger. See description page 142-143 of "DCS User Manual EN 2020.pdf" that you find on "DCS\Doc" folder of your DCS install.
  11. With mist, example to get as much messages as there are units in ropezone1, naming units (it uses flag n°1 - change to one that is free, if n°1 is already used) : local blueunits = mist.makeUnitTable({'[blue][helicopter]'}) if #blueunits > 0 then for i = 1, #blueunits do mist.flagFunc.units_in_zones({ units = {'' .. blueunits[i]}, zones = {'ropezone1'}, flag = "1", toggle = true, }) if trigger.misc.getUserFlag("1") > 0 then trigger.action.outText('' .. blueunits[i] .. ' is in ropezone1', 10) end end end Example for 3 zones :
  12. Here a track. F15E dropping 2 CBU-105. Bomb separation from aircraft is problematic - in the track 1 bomb out of 2 goes up and disappear in aircraft (sometimes the 2 bombs disappear by hitting aircraft, sometimes they fall ok). Weather clean zero wind. + a bombing mark placed right on target is a miss as cluster+chute bomblets fall much shorter than bomb's trajectory to ground. F15E-CBU105-drop-bug.trk
  13. In mission editor you can only see a 3D unit itself, not the world around it like in game. To see a specific unit with F10 map you can click it on the map and depress F2 for air unit, F7 for ground unit, F9 for ship etc...
  14. I explored a F10 item way to use TGP coordinates and managed to do something working "pretty" well. Player locate a target with TGP, transmit/enter coordinates-elevation through F10 menu (from root by unbuilding menu and adding a selection of 10 numbers 0 to 9) by selecting 16 numbers in a row. (a message displays coordinates growing during process) A screen message finally displays coordinates entered (N XX°XX'XX%' E XX°XX'XX%' ELEV XXXX feet) and asks for validation or cancellation. The Vec3 point obtained is maybe not close enough for an AI Gps bomb (actually I use it to spaw
  15. I was hoping a UFC created waypoint could be accessible by script. Thank you.
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