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  1. thanks mustang, root cause is "nearDistance" params : ultra.lua: farFullRenderDistance = 6000.0; nearFullRenderDistance = 800.0; nearDistance = 560.0; --560.0 <- put 5000.0 here high.lua: farFullRenderDistance = 20000.0; nearFullRenderDistance = 3000.0; nearDistance = 3000.0;
  2. maybe my config or dcs but if i set ["visibRange"] = "ultra" buildings texture are blurred from far and then popup when i come close to them. Anyway ["visibRange"] = "High" is ok and your texture pack is awesome
  3. is there a way/howto to do the patch for the french version ? thanks :) edit: ok just copy mission, option and warhouses files from EN to FR .miz do the job.
  4. what is the difference with the original files ? I use original with JSGME.
  5. awesome work Chuck ! I have a question about bind controls setup advice For example i use sa342 and i see that: •CYCLIC PITCH (DEADZONE AT 0, SATURATION X AT 100, SATURATION Y AT 80, CURVATURE AT 0) •CYCLIC ROLL (DEADZONE AT 0, SATURATION X AT 100, SATURATION Y AT 80, CURVATURE AT 0) •RUDDER (DEADZONE AT 0, SATURATION X AT 70, SATURATION Y AT 70, CURVATURE AT 15) •COLLECTIVE (DEADZONE AT 0, SATURATION X AT 100, SATURATION Y AT 100, CURVATURE AT 0) Is it for hotas like t1600m ? and based on irl pilot experiance ? Thanks :)
  6. Hi, When i load my old mission and change/add the player helicopter (sa342M -> sa342L), then the custom SnapViews for the sa342L are not loaded. I need to recreate from scratch the mission and then it's ok.
  7. I have this configuration : gtx980 oc, i3570k @4.2Gz , 120Hz lcd In this game i never heard my gpu or cpu fans. So i've check with HWiNFO64 Program and that strange: cpu is ok , gpu is ok , memory and so on are ok. But fps are not so good. (around 60); That with gazelle. (vsync off) Then if i power on lcd screen on the gazelle fps drop very quickly..but same gpu/cpu and others things are ok. I have try with/without mods , with low or high settings : same seems like the bootlegs is not hardware ? or related to how memory works (between gpu/main/virtual) ?
  8. no fixed with the today update ;(
  9. I greatly appreciate your support !
  10. Same problem too. I'm using up to date 1.5 dcs world.
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