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  1. No NVGs in Case III. Shame Shame. :smilewink:
  2. A lot of crying in here and on hoggit (shocker)... you'll all survive and will get over it. Keep up the hard work gents. Your increased transparency and communication has done wonders for you as an organization, despite all the entitlement in this thread and others. Looking forward to the up and coming Hornet and Viper updates.
  3. That's a P&W engine though. Not a GE F110 like we have.
  4. So after some testing, it looks like it is close but not quite there yet. the amount of trim per "tap" is ever so slightly exaggerated.
  5. The F-14 has it down, easy as pie to trim her in both axis.
  6. VR controllers are impractical right now. Just use the mouse...
  7. sigh... Like communicating with a wall. Not wasting my time with you any longer, it is pointless. Nice addition to the ignore list... to the rest: I will jump in tonight and run some test on the data I have to see if there were any changes.
  8. Exactly, they were obviously able to locate the error and correct it based off the feedback and documentation from the SMEs. How inaccurate do you want it to be? It being "difficult to trim out" does not equal realism.... :doh:
  9. You have a source to that not being realistic? Because from what I have been hearing from some SMEs in discord, it should have a much more precise trim hat, which they seem to have corrected.:thumbup:
  10. As a participating Client, piloting a Tomcat (101 Strike in the Tacview / Track file) I had two freezes at that time. My RIO also had those freezes, and when he came to, he ended up under the water while I was flying at 2,500 ft. Here is a screen shot from my RIOs POV
  11. Had nothing to do with not being able to control the aircraft. It had an issue and it was fixed.
  12. 157th Swamp Foxes Have Glass skin: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3306863/
  13. yeah, was done already. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3306822/ https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3306720/
  14. A good chunk of vCVW-11's members are veterans, have served in the squadrons we represent, or are currently underway with them. We have a few real world Aviators, even some within CVW-11, that roam our group when they have some free time. As a veteran, I (as well as the rest of us) see zero issue with how vCVW-11 represents itself within the community. Nor do any of the other vCarrier Air Wings. :thumbup:
  15. Yeah, the online PvP is not realistic. It's basically the Call of Duty of DCS. Tactics are out the window as there is not penalty for poor choices. You can still use intercept geometry against a live player, but will require a lot more work from you as the interceptor, but it does work when you do it correctly. Especially when employed as a section.
  16. Luck isn't needed. This basic intercept geometry presentation is a great intro and works very well at teaching the basics. :thumbup:
  17. We use it quite often and works just fine. :thumbup:
  18. um what? Avionics have nothing to do with the fact that it requires too much power to hit X air speed and sustain X G / Airspeed in a turn. From real world data..... did you even read his posts?
  19. Saved Games> DCS.openbeta> Liveries> F-14B that will work. Makes sure its capitalized.
  20. yeah, she bleeds too much energy and requires too much power to hold certain speeds. REally hoping this is fixed soon.
  21. ah, so use that .miz and it works. Thanks man!
  22. How are you getting the LEXR vapor to show up when starting on the ground? Cold start / Hot start, this Vapor effect is broken. It only works in Air starts.
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