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  1. Good afternoon everyone! 

    I'd like to announce that USLANTCOM has gathered our in-house experts, gotten our documentation together, and completed the training programs for our newest branch The US Army.  


    From the 10th Mountain Division, 6th Squadron, 6th Cavalry.
    The Outcasts flying the AH-64D Apache Longbow 
    The Assassins flying the OH-58 Kiowa Warrior


    Currently fighting in KA-50's (Outcasts) and SA-342's (Assassins) they will transition to the AH-64D & OH-58 upon release.  

    The Six Shooters will complete our unified command structure at USLANTCOM, we welcome our Army brothers and sisters and hope to welcome all of you into The Virtual United States Atlantic Command!

    Join up today at http://www.vcvw-11.com


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  2. I wouldn't bet on anytime soon, but they have said they planned on it ''someday'. If it's any consolation, they are actively working on an AH-1 of some lateish variant (it's fluctuated a bit, no idea what the final decision ended up being).


    The AH-1 and F-4 have been shelved indefinitely, I wouldn't hold your breath for it anymore.

  3. Intersing. Out of curiousity, do you know of the handle is spring loaded to up/down or does it move freely between up and down? Because if the former is the case, there really is no point of having it as an axis IMO.


    From Spiceman:


    "It wasn’t spring loaded, you pushed it outboard, moved it, and it sat in a notch at Up and Down. It had an emergency up and down, but the down did nothing."


    Hope that helps.

  4. Is that true? The way I understand NATOPS is that the flap/slat gearbox drives the flaps to match the flap handle position, which is definetly an axis and not an up/down switch.


    It is true. We have a few maintainers in 11 and they have confirmed it. Also, I believe Victory 203 confirmed that as well, back when this was discussed right after launch.


    There are 4 positions for the handle (you can find this in the NATOPS), UP, Down, Emergency UP, Emergency Down. Emergency down had no function.

  5. I originally had press once half, press twice full set up on my hotas until I bound it to an axis, now it can be set in any position. Seems like that covers all three contingencies no? 1 on, off. 2 half, full, off. 3. Completely adjustable positioning.

    I’m new so maybe missing something?

    Ill look next time I’m in to get actual search term for you.



    The Real F-14 only had a full up or full down option, nothing in the middle. That is why there is only Up and Down. The axis was added because people wanted it.

  6. On the deck, where the air is thick, you will not go fast with ease. Especially with a load-out. As far as I can tell, and from what others have tested, she is pretty damn close to the performance charts.


    The F-14 was made for speed and has TWO F110's, you cannot compare the two. The F-16 is much faster than the Hornet. I believe the JF-17 is as well, but I don't know much about that airframe.

  7. Hmm, lets see. Poorly worded post that was misinterpreted(with reason). Apologies posted none the less. Called out after the fact anyway by a dude that says “it was so rude I almost vomited”. Then same dude asks if I was abused as a child?

    Nice virtue signaling, Liberal much??

    Biggs off the air.

    Y’all be safe out there! Regards


    Poorly worded post?


    Good evening fellas.


    I noticed that in the Super Carrier trailer that the Hook-Eye distance for the F/A-18C was modeled on the PLAT cam view. Will this distance be set for the F-14 as well? Either manually or automatically?


    The main reason I ask is that you have to hold about half a ball higher in the Tomcat to trap a 3, simply because the H.E. is shorter for the Hornet than the Tomcat.




    That is pretty straight forward and did not warrant your original comments.

  8. I haven't experienced the same problem with the current IFLOLS and the Tomcat, but I am curious about the Hook-to-Eye (H/E) ratio after seeing the trailer.


    The Basic Angle and H/E ratio are depicted, and being able to adjust the roll angle of the source would be greatly welcomed for those of us planning to take advance of waving on the platform provided - would be a cool feature.


    [Edit] Also :shifty: are those the correct numbers for a H/E of a Hornet?


    Well in my 450+ traps in the tomcat since it's release, my experience level with traps, I can tell you you absolutely have to hold a half a ball high for a 3 wire. Holding the ball centered you run the risk of grabbing the two wire. The hook is landing about where the two wire is when holding it center instead of landing center between the 2 and 3 wire like it should be.


    There is a reason they changed this on the real boat when a tomcat or hornet was rolling in.

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