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  1. Great idea; I'll try. Best regards, Brett
  2. Thank you for your reply! If my solution (see below) does not work, I will use yours: It seems like a great (and budget!) way to get headtracking working. TrackIR, and Oculus Rift even, are out of my reach; I need to buy a joystick first, anyway. Currently I try FacetracknoIR 1.7 (URL="https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=79645"]https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=79645[/url])the last free version I could find, with alright results. The headtracking works fine. However, I have to tune my settings and get used to the whole headtracking thing. Any Facetracknoir DCS settings are very welcome ;) Best regards, Brett
  3. Hello, I thought of giving head tracking a shot: However, I do only have a webcam, no sensors for my head etc. Are there any - free - programs to track my head movement via the webcam and feed it into DCS? Thank you. Best regards, Brett
  4. Hello, I decided to switch from the Steam version of DCS to the ED standalone one. I had no trouble activating my Su-27 and the MiG-21 with the module manager. However, my F-15C (which I bought along with the Su-27 some months ago) did not show up in the module manager. How can I activate it? Thank you. Best regards, Brett
  5. Thank you. I just bought it, remembering I could request a refund if FPS was terrible. It is not. Looking forward to many hours of learning in this iconic rocket. Best regards. Brett
  6. Thank you for your replies. My specs are: i7-4700MQ @ 2,4 GHz, Nvidia GT740M 2GB, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, DCS on 1 GB HD. Truly far from great today, but DCS is running quite well at lower settings but 1080p resolution. Mapping keys will be a must, but more things to map is a plus, really... Best regards, Brett
  7. Hello, I am about to buy the MiG-21 during Steam sale, it being one of my favourite aircraft. Just a few questions before buying: - Is there an FPS impact compared to FC3 aircraft? If yes, how big is it? - Are they keyboard bindings for the cockpit switches? Until Christmas I have to fly without a joystick (but mouse yoke, which works well), so I need shortcuts for the cockpit switches. Thank you. Best regards, Brett
  8. The Mirage certainly is a big threat to (mediocre pilots like myself in) the F-15C or Su-27. But BVR the latter have the edge, as the F-14 may have in the future. As you said, there are strong and weak points to every aircraft. No trouble balancing them. Best regards, Brett
  9. I suppose the F-14 will be a beast to fight BVR. Flying a Su-27, I have more trouble fighting an AI F-14 compared to the F-15 (could be my lack of skill anyway). But, no servers (as far as I know) fly West vs East, so there will be F-14s on either side. This being said, a F-15 or Su-27 is superior to any other aircraft - even the Mirage 2000 - in multiplayer anyway. The F-14 will be just another fighting machine, as will the upcoming Eurofighter. It will just be another better-not-to-be-messed-with aircraft when flying an inferior / dated aircraft. Best regards, Brett
  10. Thank you for the clarification. I'm looking forward to buying the updated MiG-29 already. Best regards, Brett
  11. What does "Segregate FC3 Module (in progress)" mean? Thanks. Best regards, Brett
  12. Thanks for your reply. The "trivial" stats are enough, just want to check my stats, no need for rewards. Tacview looks great, I'll get into it. Best regards, Brett
  13. Another question: How do I see my multiplayer results (104th and Open Conflict server)? I engaged two enemies today, and I'd like to know how I did (BVR). EDIT: Is the a blinking target rectangle in the F-15's HUD a kill confirmation? If so, what is it in the Su-27? Thanks. Best regards, Brett
  14. Thank you, I figured it out now. I love multiplayer already. Best regards, Brett
  15. I bought the F-15C and the Su-27 now (not wanting to spend more money on planes I'd never fly anyway). Having learned the basics now, I'd like to join multiplayer sessions. When having joined a lesson, however, I only see the map or even a black screen (clicking on it leads to a black screen). How do I actually join the session? Thanks. Best regards, Brett
  16. Only 30 percent, sadly. According to Matt Wagner it won't change (unlike last year). I do not want to buy the whole FC3 for 25€, so it's F-15C or Su-27 for me sadly... Best regards, Brett
  17. Thanks you for your answers. That sounds great, looking forward to multiplayer then. F-15 vs. Mustang would be a slight overkill, wouldn't it. Judging by last year, the steam sale should start on Thursday, then I'll get my FC3. Best regards, Brett
  18. Thank you. A bit of a shame with Steam, so I'll stick with the ED version. I suppose I do not need all the modules running on a server to join? Best regards, Brett Sinclair
  19. Thank you for your replies. My main interest is air superiority fighters and interceptors, I am stunned by their performance. FC3 really seems to be a good deal. I have a heart for Russian aircraft, but the bundle may be the best option after all. I try to use my remaining steam wallet money, however, so I wait for a steam sale anytime soon (I suppose it will follow the ED sale). Georgia appears to be much more of an attractive map to me, so I will not (yet?) buy it. Talking of which, what are the differences between the ED and the Steam version? Can I use a Steam Code on the ED version and vice versa? And do I need certain modules to join servers? Or is FC3 enough for the most populated ones (assuming I will be shoot down rather quickly in the beginning anyway). Furthermore, thanks for the advice on hardware. The X-52 may be a bit steep for me currently. The Logitech 3d Pro seems fine (my Logitech DFGT is still running strong), but I somewhat miss the throttle lever. For roughly the same price I saw the Thrustmaster Hotas X. Is it good as well? I suppose FFB is not the main priority in flight sims (unlike racing). I'll also take a look at head-tracking at a later point, a button on my joystick has to be enough for the beginning. Thanks again. Best regards, Brett Sinclair
  20. Hello DCS pilots, I'm new to DCS. I enjoyed a life-long interest for engineering in general, especially motorsports. So it is only logical that I finally try to make my way into DCS World after years of FSX and Strike Fighters 2, aside my "main games", sim racing. However, I have a couple of questions: - Will DCS 2 (the final release) be free? - Will it include Nevada or Georgia? - If not, at which price will Nevada retail? I'd like to get a feeling for the costs of DCS. - Will FC3 work in DCS 2? - I may buy a solo plane from FC3 first. Should I get the F-15C or the Su-27? - I may have to buy a joystick anytime soon (mouse control via ppjoy works fine, but a joystick supposedly works better). Which budget one would be good for DCS? Thank you very much for your help. Best regards, Brett Sinclair ps: I hope this is the right forum. I did not find a specific forum for my kind of question.
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