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  1. Deleting: autoexec.cfg did it for me. (after several version reverts +-60Gb in total of download and several hours wasted) Could this thread be sticky please.
  2. Manged to isolate it: reverting to: - did not help reverting to: - did not help reverting to: - FIXED IT Both subtitles and comms menu are working again. This has to be the culprit. From patch notes i see there was a change introduced in i quote: "Option for scaling font in radio menu and messages added to System options, Scale Option to change the font size of top left/right messages."
  3. Recently sat in one too. I was surprised how cramped it is. It seems so spacious in game :-) Perhaps in VR it is better.
  4. Feel like this might be related Haven't flown in dcs for a few months. And after update to current version. No radio menu. No text in tutorials or any comms. Subs are on - tried turning off and on, but to no avail. update reports - ok repair reports -ok
  5. Not for customers in general, no. :huh: Yet it could be fairly relevant for company which holds rights to property. This company might think twice if approached by other company, which wants to reproduce their product in a game, while at the same time using legal loopholes to avoid paying income tax in that state of operation. And when government is involved, this becomes very relevant. Not judging, its up to everyone to decide how they feel about it. Just stating it could be one of the reasons why we don't have in DCS more Russian developed military aircraft.
  6. Read that Su-33 will be leaving active naval service soonish. Replaced by carrier versions of MiG29/35 Which could make it more accessible. also I recently noticed something that caught my attention. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_v-iJaWRzXoPrKKi8KCwfpAgr6kMBYjw How long is this the case? That state is often used as a tax heaven. It is just speculation, but still... And when looked at this from position of companies like RAC MiG, JSC Sukhoi or Russian gov. It wouldn't be surprising if that is playing a role as well.
  7. That is great ! :thumbup: Thank you so much for doing that.
  8. Got a question. Is the orig. campaign going to get updated too ? Talking about unit placement in forests. And similar bugs that came with 2.5
  9. Not only is it too sensitive. It lacks the any middle position. You can quite clearly see that by looking at Autopilot. It wiggles the stick constantly left right. There is no middle (neutral) position for the trim - Because its not programed into the trim. Its is a bug. But programmers are rare breed and most likely very busy .:dunno:
  10. Honestly those are way too overpriced parts for my taste. I would pick something with nicer price/performance ratio. But its your money, so.
  11. In your case Core i7 2600K I am telling you CPU ! Just did similar update to 6700 night and day trust me. Your gpu is bottle-necked. Problem of DCS is that AI and other assets need cpu power. Tell me how many times you can accelerate time before you get 1FPS ? if 3 to 4 Go for that CPU. This will not make your fps top numbers higher but your low numbers might get massive boost.
  12. Déjà vu I get that razbam is trying to push updates as fast a s possible. This happened already ...and i think more then once. Its no problem really. But i wonder why not just report all the fixes one weak later ? You know, so that they are posted when they are in the patch actually.
  13. +to this Or just "terrain object shadows" setting working.
  14. Leave these on at all times If you want to change direction / speed of flight in any way hold down trim button do the changes and then release it. I really recommend some comfortable button, pinky lever for instance could be good choice for it. Learn to live with the autopilot it really is well made in this one. also there is bug in current cockpit that, these buttons wont shine like on picture right now. You will need this mod. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3300499/
  15. Hi there Wolf There was a change in one of the patches. Every time you start your flight you have to turn on the volume knob. As seen here. Sad that 3 people answered and only one had half useful info. :huh:
  16. I can confirm not working. If you try to use them yourself they spin for what looks like a 1/10 of the revolution and that i all. Even tried hitting fire repeatedly to make it spin continuously, but it wont fire.
  17. I have very bad experience using the autopilot option. It used to just for no reason make a hard brake and do some moves that resulted in a mast bump. So i dont use it out of fear :-)) Hold Shift while you scroll to make it scroll fast (it works in other modules as well)
  18. Mi-8 - Is great multi-function swis(russian) army knife. Bit complicated startup due to so many options this platforms can do. You don't have to use em all, but those functions are there for you if you need them. You get help from stabilization systems. And even autopilot. I always pick it if i want to make sure to get the job done. It is just reliable (if you treat her well and descend slowly) Huey - is fast and easy to start but does not have any control assistance. But it is blast to fly. Pure joy of flight. But If you stop piloting she will crash. Therefore i have always struggled to use nav radios inflight because of it. Great choice btw. Ka-50 - I find its systems quite intuitive and easy to understand. Lot simpler then mi-8. Flying it is very easy. In few hours you will be landing on ships without problem. Just learn to live with autopilot. You have Abris as you GPS map (it shows you buddies and enemies) and even if you don't transfer nav info from it to nav computer you will still never get lost. I don't think we have anything as hi-tech as this in DCS. Cockpit is in dire need of overhaul though (display glare is sometimes just unbearable). Gazelle - crazy ....it reads your mind and turns before you even move a muscle. It is very twitchy. :joystick: With stick movements that are normal for flight in other choppers you will be already making a second backflip.:megalol: It must be very rewarding to get good with this baby but man you really have to have steady hand for this.
  19. I can report that with quite cheap freesync monitor -> therefore free-sync on and v-sync off. Even 30fps seems silky smooth. Must be in full screen though !!! (cause AMD just don't apply any setting to borderless windows.)
  20. Love it I am at mission 5 and i have to say i love it. I really like the atmosphere. Music is really well fitting and helps set the scenes. Missions so far are really interesting and entertaining. There are some bugs here and there. English translation could use some tweaking (not a native speaker but seems like some wording might not be correct or fitting.) And voice over could use more actors. But overall this is what i wanted in DCS, campaign stories. Well done and thank you.
  21. you can simply try it. can make it even purple if you want :-)) Yup. Lowerd the Alpha and shifted the hue to get back the original color. Other things on texture should not be affected i modified only the indicator letters. But from my experimenting (i usually modify huds to get rid of hud lines thickness.) Even when on texture it looks really quite low, in game it usually gets lot more shiny. So you have to tell me how does it look and i can lower it even more.
  22. Hi there, please try this file with your favorite mod manager https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zDcOrz6U0bnM2PPJ5ZAB5AYNzEi9irAq
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