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  1. A little aging or weathering of the cockpit is OK, but please not as filthy as the Tomcat.
  2. There is one folder for the open beta, open alpha and the stable version. As much as I know, the open alpha doesn't get updated or supported anymore, so you may as well delete it. The DCS World folder is for the stable version. The DCS World OpenBeta speaks for itself. If you use both versions, keep the folders as the are, if not, delete the one you don't use.
  3. Not really. VW Beetle was built since 1938. The A-4 had its maiden flight in 1954.
  4. Adjust your view with NumPad keys 2, 4, 6, 8 then hit R/Alt + NumPad 0 to save the new default view.
  5. It's correct: https://www.helisimmer.com/news/razbam-shows-screenshots-bo-105-dcs
  6. Well, those who already have bought the Yak-52 can't say "no more $$ until its complete".
  7. Seriously, why don't you give Win 95 a try?
  8. 1. A-7E 2. Eurofighter Typhoon 3. F-117 Nighthawk - auch wenn manche meinen, die wäre langweilig
  9. If you can't download it with another browser, send me a PM with your mail-address and I'll send you a OneDrive link.
  10. It works for me. Just tried it. I'm using Win10 and Firefox. Try the direct dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r1cgaxszxr9y5cm/MB-339_v2.0.1.exe?dl=0
  11. Try this link: http://www.freccetricolorivirtuali.net/
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