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  1. great, ty for your answers
  2. Hi everyone, I read all the manual of the M2000 and got several hours of flying now, but I still cannot figure out everything about the warning system sounds and symbols. 1. Where can I find a full explanation of this warning system? 2. It looks like that only fox3 enemy missiles (AIM120 for example) are detected by the warning system when they are launched. Is that normal we can't see fox1 missile launch? (im pretty sure it is normal but i want to make sure Im not missing something) 3. Do we have a warning when a fox2 enemy missile is launched? If not, is it going to be developed in the future? Thanks for your answers, and fly safe :pilotfly:
  3. thanks everyone for all your answers! When I posted this thread, I didn't imagine there were so much people really active on this forum and really well informed about the mirage 2000 mod. It's really appreciated. I read all your answers then let me do a sum-up about what I read until here: 1. We still don't know when the final version of the M2000 will be released 2. If I want to know when next upgrades comes out, I should follow the "upgrades and fixes" thread here on the forum. Honestly, we should ask the developpers to desactivates coments on this thread ("upgrades and fixes") in order to avoid "spam" coments every day. At least people could create a new thread if they want to ask informations about updates. 3. I'm not sure if I understood because we have differents answers, but the infrared detector missile is not implemented. Correct me if I'm wrong. 4. The auto-countermeasures for chaff and flares are still not implemented. 5. The LL switch is for activating the coutermeasure, but as explain on n°4 it doesnt work in automatic yet. 6. When INS finished, we will be able to add and edit waypoint inside the cockpit to localize ground targets with a margin error of 30 meters. 7. The INS won't be able to guide GBU12 to it's ground target especially because of the margin error mentionned above. Finally, the mirage 2000 pros and cons : Pros: - Its a good looking plane (my opinion) - It is modelised realistically - It has a good turn rate - its very stable thanks to the FBW system - It is fast (mach 2.2 at maximum speed) - It can operate both air-air and air-ground missions Cons: - It doesn't have fox 3 missiles (medium range missile radar shot and forget). It would be interesting to have MICA missiles to balance the fights against AIM120. - Magic II and Super 530 missiles are not as efficient as its equivalent opponent (AIM, R27) - It can't be competitive against others modern fighters for the reasons explained above - If we want to drop guided bombs (GBU12) during a multiplayer session, the mirage is completely dependent to others pilot who can (and want) lase the target for you. And JTAC for lasing target doesn't exist on multiplayer session (if it does, thank you to provide the server name and evidence). - The INS won't be able to guide GBU12 to its target. (I was hopping we could enter the coordinates of the target inside the INS and drop the bomb easily on it). - It's an expensive mod (59€) for a beta version and compared to the others flaming cliff planes. Conclusion: In it's actual state, Mirage 2000c is a mod which is average in air-air combat, not very good either for air-ground attack. Since F15 and SU27 have both weapons they are not suppose to have in reality, it must be fair if we would have in the future development of the mirage 2000c MICA missiles (shot and forget fox3 missile) and precise guiding bombs with the INS. If some players think its not realistic, they would have the choice to not use these features.
  4. hi everyone, I have some questions about the mirage 2000 future developments. I bought it 1 month ago and i already have hours spend on it. In my opinion it's a good mod, but to be honest I think it cannot face an su27 or an f15 in its actual version during multiplayer sessions. I think and i hope It would be better when completely finished in order to be competitive against moderns fighters. Here are my questions: 1. When will we have the final version ? (approximate date) 2. How can i be notified about new updates and fix of the mirage mod? 3. Does the warning infrared missile is implemented today (i think it is the D2M) ? 4. Concerning the auto-countermeasures about chaffs and flares, how this feature will be supposed to work when finished? Would it launch chaffs and flares automatically when a threat would be detected? 5. What the LL jammer is supposed to do ? is it already implemented? 6. About the INS, I heard it's the heart of this plane. What would we have more when finished? 7. About laser guided bombs (gbu12), today we can only use this bombs in solo mod by creating a mission with buddy laser guy. It makes then impossible to use these bombs during multiplayer sessions (personnaly, i never seen a server with jtac options with lazer guidance). Of course, we can ask an A10 to laze the target... which is absolutely not usefull. My question: will it be possible to drop guided bombs on targets with gps coordinates when the INS will be finished? :pilotfly: Thanks a lot in advance for your answers. They will make me sleep better ^^
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