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  1. "Uh uh We don't, BUT when eyes don't help, logic may: If he wasn't trimmed for takeoff, what would have occured? Oh, yeah, the big red DECOL warning. Any warning (amber or red) = take off forbidden. Would he have took off with the very same warning telling him precisely "don't; there is something wrong with your aircaft re: take off configuration"? (I like Occam's razor, BTW)" The big red decoll warning is a feature that was already implemented in the previous version. You needed to trim or to press AP to correct the pitch just before take off in order to solve this. BUT once airborne, you didnt had to trim again or to activate the AP to maintain the pitch. Which is not the case with the new flight model. For the rest of your post, even if I do not completely agree with you I prefer to stop here because its becoming "lourd" and pedro will kill all of us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gZ6-6RbSEg
  2. "DCS aims to model aircraft as accurately as possible, if you don't like that and would like something easier, there is always ACE Combat and War Thunder" when and where did i say i wanted something easier? You are confusing my post with the others guys' post. "As for the video, The pilot would be trimmed for takeoff " The pilot "would"... But in the facts, when do you see him doing this action in the video? "I think you’re just confusing how the AP and trim are supposed to be used." Then in which part you are not agree with me when i said : "The moments when he use the trim control is when auto-pilot is activated which is not for trimming purpose." "you can also always double tap the AP." You can even do it with one tap by pressing "AP standby" during the manouevre and release when you are done "In general, if you’re not in combat, use the AP and trim isn’t necessary, if you’re in combat there is a minimal amount of trimming needed" Hmmm no, it is the opposite. "Landing and occasionally when I have asymmetrical stores are the only time I find myself trimming" ok but we were talking about pitch trim not rolling.
  3. But he's not using trim at all during take off. And at 00:58 we can see the auto pilot is ON which means he used the trim control for the AP most of the time. In the end the AP light is hidden by countermeasures box during approach which is impossible to say if AP was still ON. But you dont have to convinced me with this kind of documents. I would be 100% sure the day i will fly a real m2000C by myself :D (and im already get used to the new flight model in dcs)
  4. Nice video, which proof that the pilot don't use trim at all during take off and landing which was exactly my point of this thread :thumbup: The moments when he use the trim control is when auto-pilot is activated which is not for trimming purpose. :music_whistling: And about your previous post, the criteria "the sim is realistic when the plane is not easy to control" is absolutely... bullshits! Ask real pilots what they think about the gazelle in dcs for example, they will answer that they would crash if gazelle was that hard in reality!
  5. I missed the battle then coz i didn't see those previous post :doh: Anyway, Im already resignate to use the AP more often, and in few hours i will get used to it. Ty everyone for your lights.
  6. From your sentence "The stick commanded pitch rate below 300kts and G load above 300kts" you can conclude that the flight model is not auto-trim? Please details more because this proof nothing. With my logic: Does the previous version was not better to land and take off, or to maintain pitch when diving? -> yes it was. And why was it better to maintain the pitch? -> because it was auto trimmed... This is a fact. By the way, where is your fact that the m2000 flight model is not auto trimmed in real? The document you provided doesnt even explains the flight model in details.
  7. It seems im the only one to miss the "auto-trim" in the previous version so i guess this is for me. :music_whistling: Just a question, how do you know that m2000 pilots use the AP that much?
  8. I haven't tried the air refueling yet with the new flight model. But i did land, take-off and dive for bombing, and in this 3 configurations i find the previous flight model way much better (since there was no need to trim). It was reacting like a modern fly-by-wire. Im surprise that people are not talking about this fact.
  9. makes no sense what you say sorry.
  10. Since it was already implemented in the previous version there is nothing to explain, he already know.
  11. I don't understand how you can conclude from this document that the m2000c is not auto trim. The technical specifications you provided are not even mentioned in that document! For me it doesn't explain enough the m2000C behavior in details. That's why Razbam has more freedom to develop the features of the m2000c, like he did with the D2M sensor in which he made something acceptable for the community. Remember? But in the end, if the majority of you are happy to not have the auto-trim like we had on the previous version, fine... Its a game after all and not a true science. I'm just disappointed to see such a regression in the flight model.
  12. I was waiting for that answer! How do you know the real mirage fly this way?
  13. jojo My original post was lost into a vast conversation about different aspects of the m2000. Then I wanted to start a separated thread to not have just a simple answer like this. myHellijumper All taste are in nature! sceptre Good suggestion but deadzone/curves for my joystick are set correctly. I have the m2000 for one and half year now and what i described never happened before: I constantly need to trim or use the autopilot especially just after take off or during landing, or when diving for target bombing. Which is annoying especially for such a modern plane in my opinion. To give a comparison, now the m2000 react like an su27 where I have to trim to stabilize it. On the other hand the F15 is auto trimmed and react much better (like the m2000 before itslast update). jaguara5 I knew that and its exactly what I reproach to this new flight model. Before the last update the M2000 was auto trimmed and there was no need to trim like an old Sukhoi. In the end I don't understand why a regression like this is considered as an improvement of the flight model.
  14. I dont know what is going on since the last update of the M2000 but even if the behavior in dog fight has been improved, now the flight model is not as stable as it was before when flying normally or diving to drop bombs. We always have to use the autopilot or to trim up/down like crazy to stabilize it. Is Razbam aware about it? Are they going to correct this issue?
  15. i dont know what is going on since the last update of the M2000 but even if the behavior in dog fight has been improved, now the flight model is not as stable as it was before when flying normally or diving to drop bombs. We always have to use the autopilot or to trim up/down like crazy to stabilize it. Is Razbam aware about it? Are they going to correct this issue?
  16. I'm pretty confused: ED has just released a new update available for the public but there is still no trace of the M2000C in the log. What happened?
  17. I'm not sure if in the openbeta Razbam has fixed this issue but I re-up this topic: When I lock a target and get closer to it, below 1 nm of range the relative velocity displayed on the HUD changes like crazy. I only see it in multiplayer game (whatever the server) and not in single player.
  18. btw, any idea when the release will be applied?
  19. This is something I noticed a long time ago but I was too lazy to report it, so I finally decided to report it today: https://imgur.com/a/b1VgN 1. :) When you activate the "barometric altitude hold" (key H), the plane will stabilize itself at the current altitude as expected. So fine. 2. :) When you activate the "selected altitude hold" (key shift+H) with a specific altitude, the plane will climb or descend until it reach the altitude value indicated into the selector drum. Fine again. 3. :mad: When you activate the "barometric altitude hold" (key H) AND you had used the "selected altitude hold" previously, then the plane will behave like a crazy bitch, climbing or descending by itself (in order to reach the altitude indicated into the selector drum I assume). Normally, when you active the "baro altitude hold" (key H), it is supposed to stabilize as mentioned at point 1, whatever the selector drum indicates. Can you confirm that issue too?
  20. Im sure Mirknir will come back soon with a better map to make open conflict great again.
  21. Yeah Piston but this thread is about how to tune DL/DG in order to use it. Since nobody know exactly how to calculate it from 2 coordinates, it makes this feature useless. Idk what you are talking about.
  22. If I sum up, in DCS: - True north = grid north. - Ruler heading on f10 map = true north. - Latitude North Not equal to true north. - Tools in real life are not able to measure bearings and distances in DCS. Conclusion: DL/DG in INS is completely useless ??
  23. blast

    TN, MG PCN Input

    Hey wait a minute. There is something that make me very confused now. In my previous post i said And your answered: Rlaxox uses in his the ruler with the map to measure the bearing. Does it means that he is doing... wrong??
  24. blast

    TN, MG PCN Input

    Ty for your precision Piston. Could you bring your lights on that topic ?
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