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  1. Razbam mentioned they plan to do it and French Air force mentionned last year they were very interested by it if it can be done quickly. No news since, so there's a small hope.

    But Razbam made it clear : M2000C has to be finished first.



    It would be great. Do you have the source of this info ?

  2. Look at it as two different modes, EO and RL. Combining them won't give you any real advantage. Using RL alone lets you lock something with Radar. Long range but the guy get's a warning. Once you are closer, you can use EO alone. Much shorter range than radar but the guy won't get a warning, then you can launch stealthy IR missiles.


    i knew the difference between eo and RL modes. I just do not understand the eorl purpose. Hope someone knows and can explain it.

  3. Hi guys, after many hours flying sukois aircrafts, i still do not understand the purpose of the EORL mode. This mode appear when i first lock a target in RL mode, and when i press the EO mode just after. Is it a combination of the EO and RL modes? What is its purpose? Does the enemy receive a warning when you lock him in this mode? i don't get it.

  4. the issue is the movement of the 16000 Throttle (the one on the stick obviously) is just one inch. what i do on a2a refueling is, setting the throttle so that i am slightly faster and just pulse the airbrake to stay in position


    It seems to be the best answer. I'll give a try.


    In future, we will have adjustable autothrottle that will make things easier.




  5. Hi,


    I bought a T16000m joystick and i am using the slider on top of it to adjust the throttle.

    The problem is when I'm trying to air refueling: it's impossible to adjust it finely to match the speed of the tanker.


    I heard the ATC in F/A-18C (autothrottle) will be adjustable in future development (such as the SU33) but as far as i know it is not yet implemented now.


    Considering I don't have a real throttle with my hotas (i'm not planning to buy one for now), do you have an idea for adjusting precisely the speed?



  6. You can subscribe to the thread to get instant notifications by email, that's what I do.



    But how to display all the content AUTOMATICALLY of this info in a discord channel?

    I don't want just to be notified and then copy-paste the content to be displayed in the channel. That's why i asked if there was an RSS feed we can use to make this possible.

  7. It was in one of the recent news letters after the very popcorn worthy threads created in the last months regarding mostly MP-related stuff;

    https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3565024&postcount=150 (last part)


    Popcorn threads:


    https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=215654 (split off from the first one)



    Thank you for infos. We are finally going to have a true dedicated server. Any idea when this is coming?

  8. Quantity is the total number of bombs that will be dropped, Multiple is how many will be released at a time.


    So qty 8, mult 2, int 100 will release 8 bombs total in 4 pairs 100 feet apart.


    Qty 4, mult 1 int 200 will release 4 single bombs 200 ft apart.



    What would means mult 3 then? Is it possible?

  9. Hi everyone,



    When I add one space between 2 paragraph, the result when posting is more blank space than necessary such like that:



    After the first line I press enter 2 times in order to add only one space with the 2nd line.




    And the second line is here.



    As you can see there is more space than necessary automatically add. Then we have to modify the post to correct this which very annoying.



    Does anyone experiencing this issue too?

  10. Hi everyone,


    Despite i read the manual, I still don't understand how the MULT parameter in the release program is supposed to do. Can someone explain it with examples in order to help me to understand?


    By the way, I'm trying to figure out a way to drop bombs symmetrically in order to balance the plane after each drop. For example when I release 2 bombs now, the system decide to drop one bomb on my right wing and one in center which completely unbalance the plane, especially with heavy bombs. Does someone have a solution?




  11. I believe it works currently like the real aircraft.



    You shouldn't be using AT on approach. You need to pitch to get the AOA bracket correct and then control descent rate with throttle.



    Who knows if this fine autothrottle tune exist in the real one. Someone should confirm it it from the real manual to be sure.



    It would have been very usefull to use the ATC during approach such as the su33. It makes approach very accurate and very smooth. Whatever you think about using this feature or not during the approach, there is no reason for the autothrottle to not maintain the speed when switching it ON when flying 145 knts during approach.

  12. I doubt anything like this exists in the real plane, it would be between useless and dangerous. If you're flying and you notice the plane is out of trim, you just apply the desired trim. Nobody is looking at indicators or pressing reset buttons except to set takeoff trim on the ground.



    It's not useless since we are asking it. Having the info on the FCS to trim correctly the plane would have been very usefull in order to balance the plane. Also it would have been usefull too if the autopilot was auto trimming. And it's not dangerous at all.

  13. Yes, this is correct because the pods are hard-set to ripple. Later, we'll add pods hard-set to single release.


    This is discussed in our video on rockets.



    As far as I remember I saw in the video tutorial about rockets, only one rocket launched and not all. Then it should be possible to do it ?

  14. Is it planned to add a feature to tune ATC when it is activated?



    By the way, the ATC is absolutely not precise during the approach. For example, when I stabilize speed at 145 kts and I switch ON the ATC, it's start to reduce the speed making the plane to stall at 120kts. There is something not ok with it.

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