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  1. It would be great. Do you have the source of this info ?
  2. Is it planned to have an M2000-5F in DCS ? :wassat:
  3. i knew the difference between eo and RL modes. I just do not understand the eorl purpose. Hope someone knows and can explain it.
  4. Hi guys, after many hours flying sukois aircrafts, i still do not understand the purpose of the EORL mode. This mode appear when i first lock a target in RL mode, and when i press the EO mode just after. Is it a combination of the EO and RL modes? What is its purpose? Does the enemy receive a warning when you lock him in this mode? i don't get it.
  5. That's brilant, ty for your help
  6. In the end i found out how to solve this issue: adding a curve of 35 on the throttle axis was very useful. I also did the same for x and y axis and it makes the refueling way more easier and pleasant. Ty guys for your help.
  7. What do you mean by adding a slight 1 or 2 curve? A curve of 1 or 2 would almost change nothing
  8. It seems to be the best answer. I'll give a try. In future, we will have adjustable autothrottle that will make things easier. Ty
  9. Hi, I bought a T16000m joystick and i am using the slider on top of it to adjust the throttle. The problem is when I'm trying to air refueling: it's impossible to adjust it finely to match the speed of the tanker. I heard the ATC in F/A-18C (autothrottle) will be adjustable in future development (such as the SU33) but as far as i know it is not yet implemented now. Considering I don't have a real throttle with my hotas (i'm not planning to buy one for now), do you have an idea for adjusting precisely the speed? Ty
  10. Ty uscstaylor. I've been able to customize the VFA113 skin with my name under it. But how can you add a new texture in the editor menu or in the list under rearming menu?
  11. Hi, I'm wondering how we can customize the name written near the canopy. So we can write our name. Does someone know how? Ty.
  12. But how to display all the content AUTOMATICALLY of this info in a discord channel? I don't want just to be notified and then copy-paste the content to be displayed in the channel. That's why i asked if there was an RSS feed we can use to make this possible.
  13. hi guys, does someone knows if there is an RSS feed we can use to have the F18 mini updates thread. My goal is to use this link on my discord server. Thanks.
  14. Thank you for infos. We are finally going to have a true dedicated server. Any idea when this is coming?
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