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  1. Hello, I just want to correct the last Newsletter. The Leclerc named "AMX-56" is an error. It has never been named "AMX-56" in real life. Its true name is just "Leclerc" or "Leclerc S1", "Leclerc S2", "Leclerc SXXI". Edit (adding source) : First § say it's incorrect Wikipedia EN. Never used Wikipedia FR.
  2. After making more tests, this happened only 2 times, don't know why...
  3. Hello, I just made some test because since I restarted to play the mirage 2000c in multiplayer I can't get any contact with my radar or very few. (I've played it since the release and didn't played it a lot since 1-2 years.) So I made a test in the editor, I've put an F16 right in front of me (same altitude, 20k ft) starting 80nm away from each other. And what I found is very strange, the F16 can start launching its missiles even before I can see it in my radar. I finally detected it at 23nm. This is normal? The F16 is as stealthy as that?
  4. Amazing work. Thanks. ED should consider implementing this.
  5. Can you optimize your god damn game plz. It's really annoying to have a game that didn't work even with a good config. We pay module, we should can play a working game. Your task is to debug if you can't with what you have, just hire specialized people! Updates currently bring just more bugs. I hope you understand the problem you get because you will not bring new players with a game that didn't work even with your low-cost solution FC4 you currently developing.
  6. This maj is amazing ! Thanks a lot Razbam I was skeptical last weeks but now it's amazing. I love the ejection sequence ;)
  7. +1 We need improvements in naval combat, we have already ajs 37 but F/A-18 come... it's why it need improvements. I hope a day, we will have a module to control ships.
  8. I test multiple time and everytimes not work same for my friends. Same if it's you who cut the engine in flight, not a missile who destroy engine.
  9. Hello, i find that because after take missile i lost my engine and after to land i down my landing gear but noffing happens (emergency landing gear system not work too). Before I seem to remember that it worked but since i don't know what update this not work.
  10. Hello, I have a bug who is very problematic when i host a server sometimes (~1/3) when a person quit or join a server and i'm in a slot i have a lag during 2sec and after i lost control of command and a bot take control of my plane. I feel all update correct noffing but introduce new bugs like features instead of correct them.
  11. I never see as much bugs since last update m2000c is unplayable :( Radar not work, delock everytime when you change of weapon, magic II not work can't be fired -> = all AA weapons not work because for exemple you lock you not select s530 you take your 530 to fire, he's delock not time to relock and fire a 530 you too close and you want to take magic but can't be fired because not work... after it's combat of 1944 if you not die before because other planes have techno of 1980.
  12. I don't know if it's a bug but when i have eclair pod and i fire chaff or flare, 2 chaff / flare are fired at the same time and we can see only 1 in third person view.
  13. News about the D2M IR detector ? Because just before he work just one time, it detect a missile and nothing since.
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