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  1. Thanks for the update guys, really looking forward to further Hawk fixes & imporovements. Keep up the good work:thumbup: greetz G4mble
  2. Tried the download via university vpn and it worked, strange things happening there... Got the profile set up and running to the point that all the gauges display the correct values and synch properly with the game. But I can't get the switches to work [if I click them in Helios nothing happens], do I have to set up the keybindings in the profile by myself or do I have to configure something else?
  3. I tried the download with SrWare Iron (Chromium), Chrome, Opera, Firefox. It's still stuck as described earlier, other downloads on mega work as expected in all browsers mentioned above. I can also not download any other of your profiles, it seems not to be specific to the F15 profile.
  4. The download link on "mega" is not working for me. It says "starting" for 10 minutes and then "temporary error, retrying", but nothing else happens. Other downloads on mega work as expected.
  5. Thank you for the Tutorial, it gave me some good ideas for future trainings. Also nice combination of flight characteristics and radio com explanation. Would love to see more of the L-39 in terms of tutorials, keep up the quality work! P.S: Where can I get that L-39 skin? It looks damn sweet greetz G4mble
  6. Hey Woody, versuch mal die Texturqualität in den Grafikeinstellungen mindestens auf "Normal" besser auf "Hoch" zu stellen. Die Option "Aufl. Cockpitanzeige" bezieht sich meines Wissens nach nicht auf die Auflösung der Schriften. greetz G4mble
  7. I think the standard binding for quickstart is "LeftWindows + Home" while quickstop is "LeftWindows + End" Or just search your controls for "autostart" or "quickstart" not sure what it is labeled in english. greetz G4mble
  8. I've got the problem, that the subtitles disappear to fast and until now I've always paused the game to read through everything. I did not encounter this problem in the F15C training missions. The subtitles stayed until you pressed spacebar, so you could read through them over and over again, which was much better than how it is made in the L39 training. Is there maybe a way to show the subtitles again after they disappeared. I would really like not to pause the game all the time. greetz G4mble
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