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  1. Excellent i do hope so as this is my biggest gripe with the Jug at the moment. It just feels wrong when you want to fly as a specific FG and have to use another ones livery
  2. Agreed that in vr they might be to strong but in 2d they are actually quite nice
  3. I think what has confused a lot of people is the fact that they posted it on April Fools day
  4. Smacked it out the park again @BoNidle. She looks insanely good Are you going to update all the skins you have done with the official template?
  5. Omg Bo she looks like the real thing. Thanks so much. Generic one is quality to. Skin contest winner right there for me
  6. Excellent fella thank you so much
  7. Would love to slide into 'Helen Jo' https://imgur.com/DIhJdrE
  8. Yeah can we please get this fixed, its minor i know but everytime you look at it its like having bleach poured in your eyes
  9. How about a little 'Stinky' https://imgur.com/yNGKeUi Also here are a few generic pics for 365th Fighter Squadron. One thing Im not quite sure of is the colour around the canopy. In the colourized photo it seems to be yellow not orange, but in the pic of my book and the image of the skin its orange. Given that my avatar is the squadron emblem of the 365th im leaning towards that it should be yellow. if anyone has any more info on this i would love to know. https://imgur.com/UBOi8wv https://imgur.com/YY3pnov https://imgur.com/PpIZ9SY
  10. As the title says if you rearm or repair your jug it does not refill the water injection tank
  11. Ive started getting back into the Huey recently and think that people should at least have to pay something to be a door gunner. Ok maybe not full module price but if you have to pay something then it will hopefully reduce the chances of some idiot jumping in and just dicking around.
  12. Yeah an AI German level bomber is a necessity for the WW2 Assets Pack and not really sure why there is not already one.
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