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  1. :) * pom pom boy fan mode ON * Again a masterpiece campaign by you Baltic_Dragon.. I love it as much as all the other ones :) One small fix on the first screen of the briefing ;) it's listed as Mission 09, while it's still 8.. :)
  2. 2nd time worked like a charm, I launched from higher / further away from the target.. I guess I didn't activated the SAM-10 this time ;) Thanks again for the great campaign.
  3. Hi, Enjoying the mission and the campaign.. (keep up the fantastic work by the way) But I do have a small issue.. well maybe a big one ;) I release my first 3 JSOW to the first 3 shelters at around.. mmm 45 miles from the target angel 34.. the SA-10 system.. shoot down each of the 3 JSOW.... ^^
  4. For information after the latest patch (testing on March 21st) it solves the issue :) No more bug at the debriefing ;) I'm able to resume the campaign! Hurrah! and great work Baltic_Dragon ;)
  5. Well I don't have any issue on any other mission so far. I do suspect the bug is on ED side as well on this one, but I'd like someone to confirm he has the problem. Well actually the score menu stops working at some during the mission. No wonder the debriefing crash after it, but I'd like to know if the problem is only on my computer or more general
  6. Well still the same issue.. crashing during the debriefing :(
  7. Hi, Anyone was able to reproduce the bug ? I'll try with the new version of the open beta during the week end and I'll keep you informed :) Regards, Crose
  8. Hi I tried twice the mission 8 with the same result. Mission is successful and I got the "mission complete" when landing.. (despite the strong wind.. :smilewink:) Both times the mission crash at the debriefing saying that they can't exploit the file. I also noted that during the last part of the mission the score screen was not accessible at all while working perfectly in the first part of the mission. No issue on any other mission campaign. Anyone can reproduce it? Thanks a lot, I love the campaign. Regards, Corse
  9. I tried it a second time and it worked like a charm this time ;) I made a much better markpoint and the sequence of events that followed were completely different ;) ;) Sorry for the inconvenience ;) In the first try I didn't got the confirmation for the markpoint and directly switch to the manpad conversation. And PLEASE keep up doing wonderful missions, this is one of the primary reasons I'm playing the mirage ;)
  10. ** Heavy spoiler ** ** You were warned **** mm i'm sorry I don't get it ;) ;) I do use F10 a lot to report the various findings I report the fight at the airport I report the crash location. Then a car make an escape. After following the car, which stop next to a building. I report it. Then I'm told to report the location of the crash, and to make a markpoint, for that. So what I do is that I go low and when I overfly it, I press the markpoint on the navigation system. At that moment I'm fired by a manpad. In a buil
  11. Hi :) Taking advantage of the beautiful new version of the M2000, I tried the first mission of the mini campaign in Hormuz It was a blast to be back in the cockpit of a M2000 after the 2 beautiful campaign in the caucasus and in the nevada. I was enjoying a lot the mission and as I was following directives from the awacs it looks the mission become "stuck". I destroyed as requested the first target (manpad) and reported it back to the awacs.. then.. nothing.. no more coms with the awacs and no guidance on anything to do.. Did I miss something is there a bug in the mission? A
  12. Issue is still present on my side… anyone else? I can't finish that campaign :(
  13. Exactly ;) That was the issue, from a default mission everything is fine. Thanks 100 times for the help ;)
  14. Ok, stupid guy here.. because I really don't get how it works.. I'm trying to do the start up training mission from cold & dark. I can't get military power OR afterburner power. What I do is the following: - Speed brake lever ON - Both engines full power forward (the throttles are all the way forward) - I press for several seconds the military power limit button OR the afterburner enable button (both of them being next to the throttles) .. and never any military power lamps or AB lamps ever light up.. I'm puzzled why..
  15. Still crashing on mission 5 :( same version
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