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  1. Hi ya Thalvid, When setting up tacan between fighters you need to maintain a channel seperation of 63. The below link will give you some background. Though written for the A-10 it should be the same for other NATO aircraft https://www.mudspike.com/how-to-use-the-air-to-air-tacan-in-dcs-a-10c/ Excerpt below is taken from the linked article "The trick to know here is that when you set a TACAN channel, you’re actually setting two different frequencies: a transmit frequency specific to that channel and a receive frequency that’s 63 MHz higher. TACAN channels are spaced by 1 MHz bet
  2. Hey Zetrocker, using standalone, and confirmed using actual device and that it's working. I thought for a bit that there was some conflict between my Logitech cam which has a mic, but this has now been removed. News flash: I was able to get it working this afternoon. The example adds possibly to something trying to claim my headset mic. Senario: 1. Loaded voice attack and confirmed I could both receive audio and transmit through my headset 2. Loaded DCS and lost both audio reception and couldn't transmit. 3. Restarted voice attack and test again; to my surprise it worked. I'm n
  3. Oh - I also forgot to mention that I reset the export profile as well and removed everything else from it leaving only Viacom in there
  4. Hi @MAXsenna, thanks for the tips, gave me something else to check. I can confirm that my VIACOM profile has the "send commands to this target" set to Active Window. I even loaded a fresh VIACOM profile just to make sure it stayed the same. I also might not have been very clear the last time, when I said I could see the keypresses (meaning MIC actions). The is being passed to voice attack fine (tuned in-cockpit radio is being picked up) while it's behind the game. The only part which doesn't happen while voice attacks is minimised/behind the active game is the voice commands are not being p
  5. Voice commands not working when voice attack does not have focus Hi Guys, I'm not even sure where to start searching for a solution on this one, I've never had an issue before now, and I've run out of ideas. For some reason, I can only get Viacom/voice attack to recognise any commands when it has the focus in-game, that is it's being displayed on top of the current game; when it is it works flawlessly. As soon as its no longer in focus (behind the active game) nothing works. I can still see the key presses, but it's not registering the receipt of any commands, almost like my mic on th
  6. If the update which got installed was KB4515384 uninstall it. This update has been proven to mess with a number of things, including network cards, sound cards etc. I was getting a similar issue where SRS was throwing an error because it couldn't find or load the audio driver. Removing the update fixed it for me, as well as stop a DCS crash I was having. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  7. Hi All, some pics and thoughts from my journey’s with VRK. First off, a big thank you to Rider the creator of this amazing piece of software and a great guy. I went with the option of using a pen tablet for the same reasons Rider has already described, • Size options • Weight • Ease of use • Price My aim was to have something which would be as close as possible to what you would use IRL, and for this, my foundation was an actual pilot’s kneepad strap You can get these from most local pilot supply shops, I’ve included the product link as a starting point. Pricing is pretty good at
  8. Hi baco, If it hasn't been mentioned already, make sure your using something like notepad++ to make any changes. Normal windows notepad will tend to add extra characters to the file which would corrupt the file. Cheers Sent using Tapatalk
  9. If you haven't done so already, double check you key mappings just incase something's changed. Cheers Sent using Tapatalk
  10. You only need it on the machine you're HMD is connected to. Cheers Sent using Tapatalk
  11. Hi Rider, loving the app, works great using a surface. I did love your WinTab option more after reading about it and decided to make this the direction I would use due to the smaller footprint offered and cost (I'm In AUS). The product I chose was the X-PEN G640S, which was a good price at $45. Unfortunately and like the Huion its severely lacking in the driver department and doesn't allow an application-defined passthrough option for the pen and tablet short cuts, which is disappointing as it does pass them through without the driver installed, but doesn't allow me to then adjust the o
  12. Went through the same crap with iiNet and after 4 days of me and a mate getting stuffed around we both moved ship to Aussie broadband. Smooth sailing since.[emoji869] Sent using Tapatalk
  13. If this helps, its only affecting me when using Microsoft edge. When I do, i get the maintenance message as well as not being able to connect using the local webgui. As I normally use chrome i wasn't seeing this, so became curious. Cheers
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