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  1. We know that the things are going forward and I am pretty sure that we will see the release of the Hind in 2021... A lot of thinks have been already done during 2020...Some of what we are not aware of (which is unfortunate). Yes on my opinion there is a lack of communication but obviously not a lack of work ! May the faith be we you Grodlund...
  2. That makes my day ! I am already impatient and curious to see what else we will discover in addition to what has already been shown during the flight over Syria.
  3. Last info from Pilot Mi-8 on the russian forum : In conlusion, he confirm that the implementation of the multicrew on the Mi-24P took much more time than expected in the beginning... UH-1 first and afterwards the Mi-24P
  4. All the fans of the Mi-24 are asking for that. A very nice video 5 months ago and than....nothing I think that we don't have to expect anything anymore for 2020, but we all hope to see new things during the first weeks of 2021. As an exemple, So far I have only seen one Mi-24P skin. Same skin in all the different ED movies when the Hind was visible. On the contrary, Polychop has just published the OH-58 with plenty of it I really like their way to communicate on their next module...who is also still in development.
  5. Before the mosquito ? Or the mosquito will become the last module in 2020
  6. Thx a lot for your comment. Have you already seen the Mi-24 simpit from Robin ? A masterpiece as well ! I am waiting for the Mi-24 since my first day on "Lock On". My heart has always been set on helicopters and specifically on the Hind which is a magnificent machine. But of course I am also very pleased by the development of the Apache. For sure these two will be my next modules. But of course with priority on the Hind...hehehehe
  7. Don't forget the BO-105 (and even the Eurocopter)
  8. Can be but it seems that the main issue was the development of the multicrew...
  9. My personnal opinion : For sure : Mi-24 & OH-58 in 2021 but most likely during summer AH-64 : 2022 (the last video of ED : 2021 and Beyond) BS3 : this remains a total unknown. We don't have any more info on the Mi-24 since Aug 20 but as far as BS3 is concerned it's a total blank... We can't change anything to that unfortunately.
  10. Hi, Sorry, I didn't see your first post... For the poster, I was a picture of the beast took from the web and then transformed by a company in Belgium. https://www.plidesign.com/ I don't have the original drawing. For sure, if you want the same poster, you can contact them and ask for another one. I will not switch to VR. Maybe in a few years when the system is full efficient with DCS. The monitor (Samsung Odyssey G9) is brand new and is perfectly placed at 1m distance from my head. This is the distance recommended by Samsung to take advantage of its curved 1R shape. Honestly it's perfect for me...
  11. They are implementing the multicrew on the Mi-24P, so I'm sure it will come for the Mi-8 as well. The UH-1 multicrew is the draff...the final version on the Mi-8 & Mi-24P..héhéhé
  12. I have the same conclusion as you. Whitout any further informations I don't expect to see a release before summer 2021. Has mentionned in an other post, I believe that the Hind is the module that has been the most delayed in recent years.
  13. For sure BIGNEWY. I believe that all of us here have no problem for waiting more time in order to have a final quality product. And I am more and more convinced that this will be the case. Nevertheless, I believe that in terms of deadlines, the Hind will have beaten all records in relation to the first teasing of Wags... What is most frustrating is to have shown a magnificent video of the Hind over Syria and then to not give any more information on the progress of this module... As mentioned in another post for more than 5 months... It would be nice to send the info to Wags... I would also like to thank you for your comments on the forum...your job should not be easy every day with all the frustrations...and this despite the constant and nice evolutions of our favourite flight simulator. DCS all the way...But Hind all the way as well ! Have a nice evening, respectfully Chris
  14. Last news from Kate Perederko on Discord : -Mi-24 has been postponed from the initial "Autumn 2020" release because ED wanted to implement multi-crew first. The module is not quite ready for release yet, but there's "light at the end of the tunnel". AI co-pilot for Mi-24 will have name (like Jester), but it's still a secret. - Kate promised to personally hold all future modules (including the Mi-24) from being released half-baked. They don't want to repeat the F-16 fiasco.
  15. The annoucement of the AH-64D is a very good news and of course I am waiting for it but : FIRST THINGS FIRST : Mi-24P ED, we are now waiting for some news, 05 months after the release of the movie of the beast above Syria. We are expecting more than an possible release during the first quarter of 2021... How to explain this lack of information on the development of a module that was supposed to come out in 2020 as announced at the beginning of the year. We are not waiting for a precise date of the release but at least some information on the latest developments... Is it too much to ask? I don't think so...
  16. ED annouced that the new module will be not a russian one...So The F-4 Phantom ! yeahhhh For sure I want to see the realease of the Mi-24 module before May 21 ! Fingers crossed...
  17. Yes. Already tested and no issues for me
  18. I really don't know, sorry... BIGNEWY, any additionnal info on this ?
  19. Last Open beta update downloaded yesterday evening. Belgium No issue The loading speed was what I usually get (+/- 5 Mb/s).
  20. I made the same conclusion. I really hope to see "finally" some news on the Mi-24 during the upcoming presentation "DCS World 2021 and Beyond"
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