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  1. You right, my mistake ! you have to replace no EA for the Hind by no pre-order for the Hind !
  2. There are two different scales for the map display, so there are probably two types of maps available...
  3. All is subject to change but currently, and as announced by ED, the Mi-24 module will normally come first (Q2 2021) and the Apache afterwards. The pre-order for the Apache was announced for Feb 21, it's now delayed till May 21...so I guess that the EA will also be delayed by at least 3 months. As reminder, it seems that there will be no EA for the Hind.
  4. Same for me, An Mi-8 IA/Multricrew and the Mi-24 module...All my dreams come true...
  5. I think that most of the Alexander's team is currently working on the Mi-24. My assessment : First, the release of the MI-24 module and afterwards multicrew and/or AI on the Mi-8
  6. So so long discussion to prove or to demonstrate that the V or the P version is more effective than the other one... From my part, I just seen that the P version was build in accordance of the Afghnistan lessons Learned... Is the 30mm gun more effective than the 12,7mm? Of course is it. Yes ok but you can only engage the target when you are in front of it ? Yes and...so what ??? You must also take into account the Russian tactics and doctrines that were in use at the time regarding for combat helicopters in the event of conflict with NATO. It was not a question of using the Hind as a predator hidden behind a tree, but rather of using it as a rocket truck that would pound opposing positions with all its armament. All this in support of an armoured assault already supported by tactical aviation and massive artillery support. So yes, the use of a 30mm gun is totally justified. And if it is a question of dislodging insurgents in mountainous areas in Syria, as was already the case in Afghanistan, then once again the use of the 30mm is completely justified. So personnaly I have not problem with the P version in DCS. As I know, it's the only "old" version of the Hind that is still operated (also in combat Ops) by the Russian forces. If you want to use the Hind in DCS like an Apache...by the Apache module !
  7. Hi, I will start very soon my first connection of a Teensy card with DCS-BIOS. The goal is to connect the SPU-7 of the HIP. There seems to be a conflict in the export.lua file when playing multiplayer with the use of SRS. Has anyone experienced this problem before and is there a solution? Thank you in advance...
  8. It's definitely not from DCS, another flight sim...
  9. For sure, the job done by ED during the last months is magnificent and what is to come is also a very good sign but it is true that the update of certain vehicles and planes as well as the arrival of projects announced since a very long time (SA-5, KS-19,...) are long overdue. ED has already announced that some airplanes should be updated during 2021 and that some new vehicles should also come in the following months. I hope that this will be confirmed because it is excellent news...and essential to improve an even more realistic immersion. The work done on the latest vehicles like the ZSU-57-2, the BTR-80A and the T-72 BM3 is just breathtaking and we hope to see further achievements in the coming months. To be continued...
  10. Nice graphics New SAM systems like SA-12, SA-20, SA-24,... Tested on my open beta...great job ! Video in french
  11. Same for me. More than 150 hours on the Mi-8 in order to be ready for the release of the Mi-24... Just still a few months, 3 to 5 normally, to wait I am in love of your screen
  12. I can confirm you that this mod give a much more realistic soud for the Mi-8 trim
  13. FYI, installed 3 weeks ago on both beta and stable versions. So far so good I really like this sound, another step to a realistic immersion...
  14. I have a VKB T-Rudder and I am only flying helicopters in DCS. I have also more than 150 hours on real Robinson 22 and in my opinion the VKB T-rudder is just perfect. For sure I will never change it by another model...
  15. Thx but only the gear lever is connected. All other instruments and switches are placed in order to have an immersive environement but are not connected... Maybe later...
  16. Finished ! https://youtu.be/GEC1IB_5pQk
  17. I never flew on MP since 2 weeks ago. A joined a French Squadron (2nd FFS) with my Mi-8. Now, I only play in MP, but with members of the squadron only. I found motivated and serious people, realistic scenarios and exciting flights ! You must be lucky to find this kind of thing. For sur I will never go back to SP.
  18. Hi, I know that there is a mod with the real sound of the trim for the Mi-8. Could you tell me where I can find it? Many Thxxxx
  19. And the video is great ! So better twice than none !
  20. Who as not yet watched this video ? if you're one of them it's because you're on the wrong forum and it's time for you to go and see what's new on the F-16 and F-18 forums!
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